Out of Time: The Race

A: Hey, D – Look at what we did!

D: And this is. . . ?

A: Our short story on The Community Storyboard! It’s a deleted scene from my book.

D: Am I in it?

A: Well . . . you’re mentioned.

D: . . .

A: It totally counts, Druid. This Community Storyboard is a great place, D. I’m glad we’re part of it. They even have a Thursday prompt. It’s a lot of fun!

D: I still think I should be mentioned more.

A: (Eye roll) I’m not going to win with you today, am I?

D: Nope.

The Community Storyboard

This is a stand-alone piece, a sort of “deleted scene” from my novel, Out of Time: The Travelers. It takes place between Parts 1 and 2. Enjoy!

The Race

“You let that horse lead you too much,” Maureen scolded. Sean looked up, startled. He had been daydreaming, not watching the path. He trusted the horse to know her way home. Maureen’s voice jolted him to the present, which was, oddly enough, the past.

It was November 30, 1584. They had been part of Grania’s crew of pirates for three months. In that time, they had crossed the breadth of Ireland, rescued Maureen from Sir Richard Bingham, the newly installed English Governor of Connacht and thwarted said governor’s plan to destroy Grania Uaile’s hold on the western coast. Now, they were back in port, back at Grania’s stronghold, Rockfleet Castle. Now, they were home. The only problem: he and Maureen…

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7 thoughts on “Out of Time: The Race

  1. I really enjoyed the story and you dialogue always makes me laugh…snort too…not like a bulldog though…just a tad more ladylike than that! lol


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