Claude – A Life in Four Parts

A: Alright, D – I’m just warning you now, this is in no way related to you. You’re not in the story, so you can stop berating me now, ‘kay?

D: What do you mean, A?

A: It’s about Claude the dog. He was a character in 24 Hours, a lovely little story written in turn by Ionia and Green Embers. I loved the dog so much, and bugged everyone about his origins that it was suggested that perhaps I should write it! And very happily, I did.

D: HA! That’s the way, folks! I have to wonder, however, why you are warning me. Is there some sort of problem with me not being in the story?

A: Wha—Because!

D: . . .

A: Because you always demand to know whether you’re in something? Because you always insist on. . .

D: A, A, A. You underestimate me.

A: . . .

D: I’m shocked and more than a little sad.

A: You are impossible.

D: I know.

The Druid Tells the Tale:

D: Go check out the Community Storyboard folks. Also, Ionia has some great advice on writing, life, the Universe and everything on Charles’ blog, the Legends of Windemere, and The MisAdventures of Vanilla just got even more interesting!!

The Community Storyboard

Hi, I’m Claude. I’m a raisin, a sweet little pug, wrinkled and adorable. I have so much love in my heart it shines through my eyes.  caudeIt’s in my tongue when I give your hand a friendly lick. It’s in the way I wriggle my tail. It’s in my three legs when I leap to meet you.

Oh . . .

Did I put you off? Was it the three legs? Don’t worry. It does that to lots of people. Don’t feel bad. I don’t.

I am so happy now, and safe. I have an angel to protect me – and let me tell you this little secret: he had one to protect him, too.

You’ve heard of Clarence, haven’t you? If you haven’t let me tell you, Henry  Travers did him a great justice. Well, I’m Claude. And Clarence? What a guy. He and I go way back. He’s…

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