Claude, Part 2: Escape

A: Here it is, Part 2!

D: Cute pup. My hounds would have had him for breakfast.

A: Not so fast, D. Claude is on his way to being an angel. I have a feeling he would have stuck in your hounds’ throat.

D: Possibly. Although, I impersonated a god and that never stopped people from trying to kill me on the battlefield.

A: There must just be something about you, D.

D: Gee, thanks, A.

A: That wasn’t a compliment, D.

The Community Storyboard

I think that Pet Shop owner was disturbed because we weren’t selling – especially since it was the holiday season. Now, I would have loved for all of us to find a home, even if it meant we were separated. We could be happy apart if our homes were happy – what else could a dog want but a happy home, belly rubs and a good bone to gnaw. We live for that love. However, there must have been something about us, because no one wanted to buy just one, and no one could buy us all.

It wasn’t good for business, but neither was threatening us. More than once, I found myself wishing for my Mammy. But, I couldn’t mope for long; I was the alpha, her biggest and best boy. I would take care of it.

So, I staged a breakout.

caudeIt’s not as drastic as you might…

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