Guest Post: A D/A Dialogue Roundtable Discussion

Hey, look at what we did! Thank you so much, Charles, for hosting D, Sean, and Maureen!

Legends of Windemere

(This is a guest post from the D/A Dialogues.  Thank you to Katie for writing this post and I hope everyone goes to follow her site.  Her posts are always informative and entertaining.)

A: Welcome to the D/A Dialogue Roundtable. First, I would like to thank our host, Charles Yallowitz for inviting us to be guest posters on his blog, the Legends of Windemere. This is an honor and I am really excited. So are the characters in my head! So thank you, Charles – this is wonderful!

We’ve been asked to discuss what it’s like handling multiple characters at once, especially when one has a strong, overpowering personality.

D: Who would that be?

A: (Eye roll) Gee, D. I don’t know.

D: Oh, you mean me? Thank you.

A: I’m not sure it was a compliment.

Sean & Maureen: Um, excuse us, but I think we’re supposed to be…

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