Step up to the Mark and be counted! Writing Prompt

D’s saving himself for our contribution to the prompt, but believe me when I say this comes from the bottom of my heart and D’s dark soul… Get Well Soon, Ionia – teach those alien chipmunks a lesson!

The Community Storyboard

In case you haven’t heard Ionia is indisposed and feeling a little poorly, so I’d like to ask you all to reach out to her in any way you can. We all have a connection to Ionia she has supported so many people with her reviews and writing, so I’m asking you to use that connection to write a piece for the storyboard to help cheer her up lift her spirits and get her on the mend. Make it fun, make it a rant, a poem, a doodle, a picture, anything which will bring a smile, a laugh or a twitch to her lips.

Here’s a little start from me, apologies if you haven’t a clue what I’ve written, I felt inspired by Cockney rhyming slang!

“Nah then! Nah then, me ‘ole china,

I cudn’t Adam and Eve it when I ‘eard your news!

‘Ang in there and we’ll ‘ave a…

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