Running Amuck

Best mental image of my night @BrianaBvedsted: Character on the loose! Warning! Look out for a druid in a cowboy hat!

cowboy-hatD: I cannot believe you.

A: What?

D: How many of your brain cells died in the exchange?

A: Oh, lighten up, D. It’s funny!

D: . . .

A: I tell you what – how about we give you a fez instead of a cowboy hat?

D: Now you’re mocking me.

A: Yes, but only gently.

D: But you put it on Facebook and Twitter. And you dragged poor Briana into it! You are a danger to society, A!

A: You don’t even know what Twitter is.

D: I do so; a whole bunch of your pointless ridiculousness is right there along the side of the blog.

A: And . . . ?

D: You’d forgo an English Degree to watch Disney movies? Misty Mountains Cold? With Minions? Really A? That is hardly worthy—

A: You leave Misty Mountains out of it, D.

D: Oh, oh wait! I forgot. That’s your inspiration.

A: Oi, Druid!

D: Two can play at this game, A.fez

A: All right, all right. Behave yourself and I won’t tell people that the conversation devolved into you streaking through town with just a cowboy hat!

D: A!!!

A: Are you sure about not wanting the fez?

That was the most fun I’ve had on Twitter (or with D) ever. And I can’t thank Briana enough for indulging me!  Similar to the post I reblogged from 1WriteWay, the sheer variety of digital communications can be overwhelming. When I first signed on to Twitter, it was with a great deal of trepidation. I don’t think Dante would be too put out if I put it somewhere between the third and fourth Circle of Hell. However, it has grown on me – I’m slowly (really slowly – cold molasses move faster than me) learning how to converse in the Twitterverse. Likely, it will never be my go-to format, but I do notice that the interaction is just that – interaction. It’s almost like comments here on WordPress.

Do you Twitter/Tweeter/Sing like a bird? Which social media platform do you like the best for interaction?


23 thoughts on “Running Amuck

    • It is a challenge, believe me – and yet, sometimes, I find myself with quite a few characters left – if I’m really into the back-and-forth. I refuse to shorten/misspell stuff though. I’m not very good at spelling to begin with. I don’t need any help forgetting what words really look like!


  1. Hahaha! That was a lot of fun! I’ve only just begun to really use Twitter, other than having it linked to me blog, but I’ve had a few conversations there and it has been entertaining! lol

    My apologies to D. 😉 But that picture still won’t get out of my head!!!


  2. Oh, I’ll have to see if I can find your dialogue with Briana 😉 I like Twitter a lot, but I don’t always have the time to get into a conversation. I usually just log on, retweet a bunch of tweets that I like, and then get off. Of course, usually I’m at work, which is a good reason to not linger. I never know who might walk in on me 🙂


    • I do exactly the same thing – I think that’s probably why the convo with Briana was so much fun – I was online, and it just *popped.* Sometimes I don’t even have time to do re-tweets, but I try for at least one or two interesting things a day. 🙂


  3. Until Google+ came along, Twitter was my favorite platform. At almost 16,000 tweets, I’d say I’ve spent some time there.

    Having spent time on social media since 2008, I will say that anyone using it needs to consider the who/what/when/where/why/how concepts more than ever. Twitter is a very noisy place, and diving in without a plan won’t accomplish much beyond taking precious time.


  4. “A whole bunch of your pointless ridiculousness is right there along the side of the blog” Oh, if we could bottle this statement and send it to every blogger on the internet, things would get less cluttered and we’d get more content to read instead of the slow loads! Sometimes, I like D!


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