Behind the Scenes at the Dainty China Country

A: For Day 2 of the Creative Writing Challenge

D: What have you called it, Fan-Farce?

A: I think it’s appropriate.

D: Well, perhaps not appropriate, but at least you’re not taking it seriously.

A: (Groan).

The Community Storyboard

For Day 2 of the Creative Writing Challenge. This is less fan-fiction and more like fan-farce. But I’m still a fan, so I think it counts.

china countryThe china Princess and the Milkmaid hid in the bushes beside their tall China Wall.

“This is ridiculous,” the Princess complained. “No one can see how pretty my dress is.”

“That’s the point, Princess,” the Milkmaid said sharply. “You are lucky you escaped the carnage.”

The china Milkmaid cradled her arm as though it still had a nick, as though her china cow had only just kicked her. It had been years, but the Milkmaid was never going to forget. Her cow’s leg had been mended, but she’d never been the same.  And the church! Well, the damage just had to be repaid.

“If these twigs scratch my paint,” the Princess was saying, “I’m going to blame you.”

“Certainly, Princess,” the Milkmaid said…

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