Where do we go from here? (Prompt)

D: A, this is a spoiler!

A: No it isn’t, D. It’s a teaser.

D: There’s a difference?

A: Yes.

D: And . . . ?

A: D, it’s Monday. Let’s just let it be a teaser for Part 4 of the book, okay?!

D: (Sigh) As you will.

The Community Storyboard

For the Creative Writing Challenge, Day 3 – Pre 1950. I’m actually killing two birds with one stone for this one – Book, meet the Community Storyboard. Community Storyboard, meet a transition chapter in my book, written last night.

* * *

tatched cottageMartin, you mustn’t tell anyone what you told me. The Prince’s landing has tensions high enough as it is. I won’t have you adding fanciful tales to the trouble.

I’m not telling tales, Margaret. I saw—

I know what you saw. I’ve seen many a strange thing up there on the ridge, but I’m telling you now that no one else should hear it told that way.

Maureen frowned in her sleep, puzzling over Aunt Margaret’s words. Who was Martin? Slowly awareness came back to her limbs and she felt a low thudding pain at the back of her head.

Ah, yes, the race and the tree…

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