In Dublin’s fair city (Day 9 Prompt)

Still AWOL today, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on my favorite city, from Day 9 of the Creative Writing Challenge. Enjoy!

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Dublin. It’s not that I love the city particularly, it’s that I love that I moved there when I was 18. Dublin was the first stop on my growing-up adventure and I love what it represents. I loved going to University there. I love how beautiful the old architecture is. I love that it was familiar and foreign all in one breath.

The Dublin I remember was multi-cultural and at times, incredibly insular. It was pubs, smoke and politics; it was parades, protests and being tossed over someone’s shoulder as we ran down O’Connell Street at 1 am. It was folk music and techno, tequila shots and tattoos; it was art, movies and smoking in Burger King. It was first-love, heartache and near-death; it was mistakes, triumphs and life-altering decisions.

Finally, Dublin is where I first heard the heartbeat and felt the belly-kick of the young man who is officially as…

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