Man in the Mist

D: I’m what?!

A: Muahahaha!

D: But they think I’m what?!

A: Told you I was going to write today.

D: But I’m . . . I’m . . . I can’t say it.

A: Play nice, and I’ll bring you back.

D: You are intolerable.

A: Thanks, D.

The Community Storyboard

For the Day 13 prompt: “I thought I saw. . . ” a sneak Peek of The Book, Part 4: Culloden. This scene follows “Where do we go from here” by two weeks.

“I thought I saw . . . “

“Saw what, Maureen?”

“I thought I saw him.”

“But he’s gone, Maureen.” Sean took Maureen’s shoulders and forced her to look him in the eye. “Dubh Súile is dead. He has to be.”

Just saying the words made his throat ache.

Maureen pulled away from him and started pacing. The hem of her simple woolen gown dragged in the hard-packed dirt. Absently, she gathered handfuls of the skirt and tucked it up into her apron ties.

“You’re wrong, Sean.”

“Is that so?”

Maureen grinned at his tone but kept pacing. “Someone sent us through the gateway this time – we didn’t do it. We didn’t call the…

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