The Druid Tells the Tale . . . for Ionia

There is a woman on this place you call the blogosphere. Her name is Ionia Martin, and she is Queen. It has been my honor, in my travels, to serve as advisor to clan lairds and sing at their hearth; I have known kings and scholars, and yet I have known none like Ionia.

I have the deepest respect for this fiery woman, who could slay man and beast with her words and her wit, and yet is kind and strong. Both A and I bow before her talent with words as she brings them to life. She has graced us with her friendship, an honor of which we are scarcely worthy.

Tomorrow, Ionia does battle against a foe none can see, but is insidious. Tomorrow, she enters the fray and by the grace of the gods, she will come out on the other side victorious. I have seen war, but I have seen none battle so valiantly. On all days, both A and I hold Ionia in our hearts and in our minds, but tomorrow it is even more important. We ask you to do the same.

~ Dubh an Súile mac Alasdair (D)


Ionia, we love you, lady. Thank you for being you – you are fantastic, and I know you will kick cancer’s ass.

~ Katie (A)


PS: There are so many people out there praying for Ionia. Head over to the full list at Green Embers’ blog or the Community Storyboard.

22 thoughts on “The Druid Tells the Tale . . . for Ionia

  1. This is great. I am such a slacker. So many have said so much and every time I read I think, “How wonderful, they said exactly what I feel.” Katie, you are so very talented and articulate. When I grow up, I want to be just like you.


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