The Hearasy of Before

D: It is so like you to romanticize a simpler life in the face of apocalypse.

A: Sorry, what?

D: You heard me.

A: Perhaps, but we all have our methods of escapism, D.

D: We do?

A: Yep – I happen to know for a fact that yours is–

D: That is quite enough of that, A. Lovely story you have over there at the Community Storyboard, really. I like it.

A: (Eye roll) Thanks, D.

The Community Storyboard

Outer Zone |September 7, 2113

Little One:

 I have not named you yet, because I do not know if you are a boy-child or girl. I left that life behind when I escaped the towers of Big City for my simple life with your father, my love: Samuel.

I do no t know what will happen in the months to come. We are Outcast and the Oligarch’s forces draw ever nearer, rounding up those who would spread the hearsay of the time Before.

This micro-reader, my one luxury from my old life in Big City, the one thing your father could not deny me, will tell the story of the world we have created here in the Outer Zone. If we are not here to guide you, it will tell of the world we created away from the glittering technorati of Big City, away from the drudgery of the…

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