WordCloud Wednesdays

D shines again in the wePoets Show It for Wordle Wednesdays! Don’t tell D, because I don’t think I could stand the mocking, but I even gave a bit of prose a go for the prompt!

It is WordCloud Wednesays again.  Are your ready to dazzle us with you creativity?  We hope so…

We are looking forward to having you join us today by participating in the fun with other bloggers.  It’s really quite simple.  Below you will find a WordCloud Prompt Picture that was created in (fill in).  All you need to do is write a sentence using the words, write a poem using the words, or maybe a short story.  By all means get creative and adventurous.  And enjoy yourselves!!

If you want to take the WordCloud Challenge – use only the words in the WordCloud Picture to create your masterpiece.  Post your work either as a comment or if you write it on your blog feel free to post the link as a comment.

This week’s WordCloud Picture Prompt comes from Katie Sullivan.   The post is from one of our Debut Writer…

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