On the first day of NaNo . . .

On the first day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me. . .

A family that’s dear to me.

It came to me, yesterday, how I could blog and NaNo at the same time (because NaNo is a verb, now). The reviled and/or beloved holiday song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, was to become The Thirty Days of NaNo.

That was, until I had an unfortunate flash of prescience. Or perhaps it was foreshadowing. That, or it was simple, dumb luck (to be said with Dame Maggie Smith’s accent and intonation when she admonishes Harry and Ron in Harry Potter).

The circumstances around the prescience are mundane. Needless to say, never should I utter the words, even in type, ‘barring catastrophe.’ It is like saying ‘bring it’ to the Universe.

Three days later, and my family has made two trips to the Emergency Room. My father remains in intensive care. It is not the stomach flu, as we had thought. My son, luckily, is home, now – only a little worse for wear in his tussle with the car that hit him this morning on his way to school. I bless every damn deity in the heavens above that he can be macho, and twelve, and brag to his friends on the Xbox that he was hit by a car and walked out of the hospital three hours later, because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

On the first day of NaNo, I realized that my family needs me more than I need NaNo. I still have a goal of 15,000 (which is my standard 500/day), but 50,000 words and the insanity that those words can bring . . . well, the world doesn’t need my novel that much. I will write it – I’ve already written what amounts to two books already this year. Books 3, 4, 5 and 6 will come in their good time.

In other news . . .

D’s taking the night off, so it’s up to me to be your valiantly verbose victor.

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For the NaNoNites

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Support your local author

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Good reading

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And Finally . . .

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26 thoughts on “On the first day of NaNo . . .

  1. Oh my gosh, Katie! Thank the gods that be that your son is OK. Yes, he’ll certainly be bragging as well he can! Keep us posted on your dad – I hope he’s out soon.
    I’m not doing Nano this month either. I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo – an entry a day on my blog. That’s my plan anyway. In a few minutes I’ll put the bits and pieces of my scattered novel – Flirting With The Moon – back up on my menu bar. I’ll work on that this month.
    Take care. I’ll be thinking of you and your family!


    • Thank you so much – it was a pretty emotional day yesterday 🙂 The Drs. think they have Dad figured out – we’ll know more later today or tomorrow. The boy is milking it for all he’s worth and I’m more than willing to let him – for a couple of days anyway!

      Good luck with NaBloPoMo. Blogging and organizing a novel are jobs enough of themselves !


  2. Dear Katie, I’m so glad your son is OK and well enough to brag about his “tussle” with the auto. Your dad is my thoughts. I hope whatever he has is easily treatable and he’ll be home and healthy soon. You are amazing with your blog and all else that you do. You don’t need to NaNo 🙂


    • Thank you – the drs. think they have Dad figured out – we’ll know more later today or tomorrow. I’m pretty lucky the boy is such a tough cookie – he bounced off the Suburban (not that he remembers the impact much) with just some bruised elbows and knees!


  3. With all that you are going through, to still take the time to write — you amaze me! I hope your son and father are both in recovery, and that you continue to have the strength to persevere.


    • Thank you – and they are. Drs. think they have Dad figured out, and the boy is only a little sore today. On the plus side, he’s a bit more motivated to catch the bus in the mornings! This was just a good reality check to remind me to take joy in the family as well as the writing – NaNo does not equal joy for me.


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