On the fifth day of NaNo . . .

On the fifth day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me

Five Syllables!

Four pumpkin cakes

Three cough drops

Two cuddly cats

And a family that’s dear to me.


D: Five syllables? But it is a four-syllable phrase.

A : I know. That’s why its funny.

D: But . . . but. . .

A: Go with it, D.

D: Only if you can actually come up with a five-syllable word.

A: I have lots: refrigerator.

D: Mmm, cannibalism.

A: D, it’s five-syllable words, not word association. Ew.

D: (Eye roll) Fine, what about decontaminate?

A: Yes please – can we start with my house and my office? Just swab it down with bleach and maybe this cold will get better.

D: That’s simply self-preservation.

A: Do hyphenated words count?

D: Yes.

A: Why?

D: Because I said so. You’re not contributing, A.

A: Sorry, what? I was looking at a book. It’s a preoccupation of mine.

D: Very nice.

A: Wow, was that appreciation?

D: Maybe. What are you doing, A?

A: Checking for marks. I hear the body snatchers always leave them.

D: I’m not real, remember?

A: I was speaking figuratively, D.

D: And here I was hoping for some consideration.

A: Ooh, fair play. You know, we could do this all day.

D: Well, I could – you may lack the sophistication.

A: Are you saying I have some sort of inadequacy?

D: . . . .do you really want me to answer that, Snuffles?

A: . . . No.

D: Didn’t think so. It’s inevitable, A.

A: What?

D: The end.

A: The end . . .

D: Of this dialogue.

A: Say it ain’t so, D!

D: I mean for the day, A.

A: Oh, so you were speaking figurativly, then?

D: Always with the last word.

A: Quite-literally.

D: But—

A: Hyphens count!

D: Only because you’re ill, A. Only because you’re ill.

A: Ha! I win! ‘Night folks!

This is the fifth in a series on my own brand of NaNoWriMo – or rather, my Non-NaNo. This installment was brought to you by lotion facial tissues, menthol cough drops and the letter E. stay tuned for what tomorrow will bring (I know I am!).

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18 thoughts on “On the fifth day of NaNo . . .

    • Sense of humor. . . delirium – I’m not sure I know the difference at the moment! 😉
      I hope I get better soon too – although, I really didn’t mind coming home early today and napping/watching reruns of Magnum PI either. It’ll be better though, when I’m not hacking up a lung!


      • Ha ha … the one good thing about having a cold is the weird sense of dead-pan humor that comes with it. Also the sudden change in perspective in what’s most important in life, like coming home early and napping/watching TV. Coughing is no fun, though. And if you start coughing up green stuff, get ye to a doctor!


    • That’s what we thought too (the boy helped me come up with it). We’ve been singing the song all week trying different things for each stanza. five syllables made us giggle – a lot more than it should have, probably! 🙂


    • mmm…. NyQuil…my night-time friend. Too bad its counterpart DayQuil makes me just as loopy. I’m not allowed DayQuil any more – not since I nearly sliced off my thumb doing something incredibly stupid.


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