Weekly Prompt for November 17, 2013

A: Check it out, D.

D: It’s a spider web.

A: It’s a prompt picture at the Community Storyboard.

D: It’s a beautiful spider web.

A: (Eye-roll) Better. Take a gander at this picture, everyone and submit your prose, short-story, essay or poem!

D: Hey, look – there’s leaves too.

A: Nothing escapes your eagle eyes, does it?

D: Nope. I’m highly trained for this sort of thing.

A: Good to know, D. Good to know.

The Community Storyboard

Dewy Spider Web

For this week’s writing prompt, consider this photo and write something–a poem, a short story, an essay, a prose piece–that relates back to this photo.  It is a dewy spider web.  But you might see it differently.  Please link to this post when you submit your own.  Enjoy 🙂

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