Hot Chocolate – it’s no laughing matter

A: Wait, no – it is. It is a laughing matter – especially with these:

D: Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

A: I didn’t think you liked internet memes.

D: I don’t, but this one seemed at least faintly acceptable.

A: Pray tell.

D: Allow me to introduce to you, Grumpy Cat!


A: . . .

D: You like?

A: You are impossible, Druid.

D: I’ll take that as a yes!

Reasons I’m Drinking Hot Chocolate for Breakfast

Thursday: Because my hand is healed. Huzzah! See, proof of the healing benefits of hot cocoa!

Wednesday: Because Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” was queued up and ready to play when I got into my car this morning (which also didn’t need to be scraped of ice – it’s the little things)

Tuesday: Because I forgot to make myself breakfast . . . and lunch. The boy got breakfast but did Mom remember to make one for herself? Nope. Did she remember to grab soup on her way out the door at the ridiculously early hour of 6:30? Nope. Was she kinda hungry all day? Nope. Because: Hot Chocolate!

Monday: It’s Monday. That’s totally allowed as a reason. Plus, I stabbed my hand yesterday while making guacamole. Because I’m a menace with sharp objects! (no worries, nothing vital hit. Plus, the boy gets to wash dishes all week!)


10 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate – it’s no laughing matter

  1. So the hot chocolate healed your hand … yea! Now, did you apply the hot chocolate directly on the wound? Oh, I guess that wouldn’t work very well. Probably would make it worse, right? So, oral application then? I think I got it 😉


  2. These “one does not simply” photos are the internet’s equivalent of Chuck Norris jokes. I love them!

    Glad you hear your hand is better. Whew! You’re a superhero!

    And finally, I love hot chocolate. Gotta enjoy the finer things in life, Katie! 🙂


  3. There really ought to be a Ferris Bueller hot chocolate meme. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and drink hot chocolate once in a while, you could miss it.


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