Big-Hearted Julia and the Viral Canadian Gay Pride Coin

This. This needs eyes. Julia is an inspiration, and Helena is lucky to have an honorary niece like her. Personally, I think Helena’s post is a candidate to be Freshly Pressed – not for Helena; she’s had that honor – but for Julia. So Julia knows that small actions and words have an impact. So, tweet, reblog and make the blog-a-verse bear witness to an awesome little girl!

dilettante factory

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about how my friend Jim and his family had their basement flooded with sewage and had to evacuate their home, suffering a very frustrating loss, and living on fast food and hotel TV for the last little while. Well, the good news is, they’ve been able to return to their home — which means a lot to Jim and his wife Hailea, but more importantly, to two wonderful little girls who I’ve pretty much adopted as nieces — Big-Hearted Julia and Emily the Wonderfully Strange. Wonderfully strange because she loves to tease me about my various whims and projects — “Look, Mommy, Helena’s sewing her book. I’m sewing my book, I’m sewing my book. Doesn’t she know you can just buy books at the store?”

“Yes, honey, but your Aunt Helena is…. special.”

I chose to take that as a compliment, darlings.

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