Light of the World

The shiny kid on the far right: that's The Boy.

Photo of the Mukwonago Chief’s article on the show. The shiny kid on the far right: that’s The Boy.

D: So what, you’re just going to throw a couple pictures and a video up here and call it a post?

A: Yeah, that was pretty much the plan.

D: . . .

A: Don’t give me that look, Druid – I know I’ve been lax in blogging, and writing, and editing (not to mention cleaning – yikes!)–

D: Lax! What is this lax malarkey? Lax is kind – you’ve been downright negligent. Wait, why are you smirking?

A: You used the word ‘malarkey.’ I love that word, and it makes it impossible for me to take your scolding seriously.

D: *You* are impossible.

A: I do my best. So, lax or negligent, I think I have a good excuse: it’s a lot of work being The Boy’s roadie.

D: I think that’s groupie.

A: Do you even know what that means?

D: . . . No.

A: Thought not. Of course, I suppose I’m both roadie, and groupie. I am his mother, after all. It’s kind of my job.

D: And I can see that big smile on your face, A. Admit it: you love it.

A: Of course I do! So, here’s the song he’s going to be singing, starting this very evening:

Mom-pride aside, the entire cast is spectacular, and I can’t wait to see the full show. I’ve hovered in the background of a few of this week’s dress rehearsals, ostensibly under the guise of helping out with a few props —

D: Sneaky, A. That’s just sneaky.

A: Well, I had to make sure The Boy’s sword was sparkly enough. . .

D: (Sigh) The two of you are so strange.

A: Yes, we are. And we’re having a blast with our strangeness. Believe me, D. This is all in the name of recharging my creative batteries. After the show, I’ll have a better perspective for editing. You wouldn’t want me to do anything rash, like cutting out a whole swath of your scenes in World War 2–

D: Goodness, look at the time. You need to be getting going, A – or you’ll be late! A? A! Put the pen down, A. Stop editing!

A: Ha! Crazy writer logic wins again! Thanks for stopping by everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!


Because I’ve become quite fond of this image.

5 thoughts on “Light of the World

    • Ridiculously proud. It tends to put our lives on hold during dress-rehearsal and performance weeks, but he’s worked so hard for this – it’s a beautiful thing to see. He’s only 13, and he had to make sure they didn’t regret casting someone who was below the age limit. He’s given it his all, and it shows.


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