Honourary Dilettante Contest Update – Reviews, etc…

Click the link for an update on the Honorary Dilettante Contest!

dilettante factory

Hello all,

Just a quick reminder that if you’ve written reviews, drop me an email helenahannbasquiat@gmail.com with the links.

Yes, I’ve read them, and thank you so very much! But I’m terribly unorganized, so if you could just drop me an email with your reviews and/or pictures (still waiting for the video!) then I can tuck them away in a folder and keep everything together.


Still lots of time to write reviews, take pictures, etc….

Here’s what people are saying about Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One:

Helena’s writing is both captivating and hilarious. The antics of the dilettante and the Countess kept me entertained throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys breathing and knows how to read. Anyone else simply won’t be able to find joy in it.”

Helena took me in immediately. I could…

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