A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Gimme a Break

adventureswithD-final (1)A: So, I think I know who should be your voice actor.

D: Wait, aren’t I the one who is supposed to propose the names, while you poke holes in my dreams?

A: Normally, yes, but getting in a rut is bad for creativity, D.

D: You sound so logical when you say that, but something deep down in my soul says I am going to regret this conversation.

A: (Eye roll) Don’t you want to know who I picked?

D: No.

A: Oh, come on.

D: (Sigh) Oh, all right. Who is it?


Well, Mr. Reeves has the right hair color, and he even appears to have a smolder, but maybe D is right… just don’t tell him I said so, okay?

A: Keanu Reeves.

D: . . .

A: Don’t give me that look. He’s brilliant. He’s like a table cracker.

D: And that makes him brilliant?

A: Yeah. See, Brad and I were talking about the 11th Podcast episode title (go on, go listen. We can wait), and somehow Keanu Reeves came up, and I said he was a table cracker.

D: . . .

A: Because he’s not horrible, but kinda bland – he’s just there, you know?

D: Bland?! How does bland make him a good choice for me? I have a wide range of emotions, A. I feel things. I have depth.

A: I’ll say – you know, that deep voice of yours is dangerous when it gets that loud.

D: My apologies, but please, pray tell me how bland-as-a-table-cracker actor is worthy of me.

A: I was thinking that, much like a cracker, he would pick up the flavors of his material. He’d be a blank slate for your, as you say, wide range.

D: Really?

A: Okay, that and I knew it would annoy you.

D: That sounds more like it.

A: Yeah, well, it was worth a try! Anyway, check out Episode 11, Crackers and Kit Kats of the Not So Shocking News Dialogues, back after an extended summer hiatus. There are some great reviews to be had, some fabulous nerd-news, not to mention insightful musings on what makes a classic – and my favorite, Peter Capaldi’s incarnation as the Doctor!

12 thoughts on “A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Gimme a Break

    • I think Neeson is on the list. He was Aslan, after all (totally plays into D’s god-complex… as a matter of fact, Book 2 does as well. Oh dear, he’s going to be so obnoxious while I’m editing that). Anyhoodles, we’ve got to do a lot of podcast now, because there are all sorts of names I’ve forgotten and must use! 🙂


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