Singularity on IndieGogo – Only 5 Days Left!

Only 5 days left to pre-order (and thereby get some great perks) one of the best, and creepiest, psycho-thrillers I’ve read in a long time. Get ye to the IndieGoGo campaign… stat!

dilettante factory

I feel like I’ve got the bends.

I’ve spent the last (god is it nearly three weeks now?) decompressing after losing my job of five years.

There. I’ve made it public.

Now you know why I’ve been gone.

I’ve been lost inside my head — been reading, been watching TV. Got a gym membership. And a bike. And a tattoo.

What can I say, it’s cheaper than a convertible and less harmful than an affair.

I’ve been thinking a lot, and wondering if I’m falling back into a place I’ve been before — where I gave up writing, discouraged by the utter disinterest of even the other writers involved in my project. I’m not speaking of Singularity, I’m talking about a project I headed up about six years ago now, whose utter failure caused me to stop writing.

Fast-forward to today, and with four days left to order SINGULARITY through…

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