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The Changelings Series

  • Changelings: Into the Mist (Amazon)
  • Changelings: The Rise of Kings (Amazon)
  • Hunted: The World of the Changelings (Amazon)
  • Changelings: The Memory of Myth – coming soon!

Changelings: Into the Mist
Book 1 of the Changelings Series

Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them.

Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. To find a way home, they must curry favor with pirates, dodge a revolution, and defy a king out of Ireland’s deepest legends.

They are Changelings, and they have magic in their blood – magic, which will rekindle a centuries-old war that threatens to tear the very fabric of time.

Changelings: Into the Mist is a historical fantasy novel, available only on Amazon.

Read about it on GoodReads.

Hunted EbookHunted: The World of the Changelings

Before he ever met orphaned teenagers Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew, Dubh Súile mac Alasdair was a man outside of time. Warrior, Druid, Prince, he has lived for over 1200 years, seen wonders and war, but it is the second great war of man’s twentieth century that threatens to bring him to his knees.

Set after the events of Changelings: Into the Mist, dive into the world of the Changelings with Dubh Súile’s wartime story.

Ebook available on Amazon


Changelings: The Rise of Kings
Book 2 in the Changelings Series

Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew were lost in time. They fought alongside a pirate queen and raised the flag of a new nation. They defied the will of the Faerie king and set in motion a revolution that claimed the life of their friend and mentor, and closed them, the last of the Changelings, off from Faerie, forever.

Or so they thought.

Facing expulsion for their misadventures, Maureen and Sean are sent to live with Sean’s aunt, deep in the Scottish Highlands. There, Faerie whispers reach out to snatch them once more – and this time, returning home is no longer an option. This time, to thwart the king, they must become myth themselves, and fight a war none may win without dying.

Available in print and digital at Amazon

5 thoughts on “Books

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, they’re still in-progress. The first two were written and then I realized they were awful (10 years ago). I stopped writing and only just got back to it in January. I’m still re-writing Book 1 – I just drafted part 2, the 1916 Rising, and outlined part 3. If I’m lucky, Part 3 and 4 will be done by the end of July – its my Camp (lots of abbreviations here) project.


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