Recommended: A New Hype

adventureswithD-final (1)A: Head on over to The Recommenders to tell us what you’re hyped about in upcoming books, movies or shows in the month of May – and get a quick run-down of what we’re looking forward to, as well!

D: What is this we, stuff A? Your plebeian list certainly isn’t what I’m hyped about.

A: I’m going to regret this, but what, pray tell, are you hyped about? And why are you italicizing “hyped?”

D: Hype: Noun – propaganda, excitement, flimflam. Flimflam, A. Flimflam.

A: I think you just like the word flimflam. And I don’t blame you.

D: No, it’s a sham, that’s what it is.

A: A flimflam sham?

D: A . . .

A: Or how about a yam-sham?

D: You are not going to Buffy your way out of this one, A.

A: Oh, yes I am – because I already won. Yam-sham it is. So, what are you yam-shamed about?

D: I hate you.

A: No you don’t. Come on. What are you excited about?

D: Fine. I’m quite pleased that I shall be visiting with – and congratulating – Abd-al-Rahman. He was proclaimed emir of Cordoba, Spain today. I’m so excited for him. He’s been challenging the local rulers for some time now, and I want to give him some encouragement – unifying the fiefdoms is going to take some time, but it’ll be worth it, in the end.

(Long pause. Stares at the Druid. Druid casually checks nails for dirt. A swears she can see a smile winking at the edges of that ridiculously smug face. A huffs and grabs her phone to research.)

A: Um, D – we’re hyped for things happening in this year – not in 756!!

D: Time is relative, my dear A.

A: . . . Fine. Give Abd-al-Rahman my regards.

D: I shall do that.

A: And everyone else who lives in the 21st century, check out the post at The Recommenders, and add your two cents!


The Editor

Another day, another film review – I’ll admit it, I’ve been refiling my creative bucket with a varied, and at times very strange, film extravaganza. The Editor is one of the weirdest t0-date (I haven’t seen the Japanese comedy/horror, House – I’m pretty sure that one wins all the weird) and yet, it was all kinds of fantastic I was not expecting.

Reviewed: Crimson Peak

crimson peakOr why your horror needs more gothic romance, and vice versa…

The macabre and surreal have a definite place in my heart – as do beautiful things – so watching Guillermo del Toro’s gothic horror, Crimson Peak, as a cap to a fantastical weekend at Detroit’s Theatre Bizarre , found several avenues to completely win over my fascination and admiration. But, to find out just why I found it such a beautiful and remarkable film, you’re going to have to mosey on over to The Recommenders (formerly known as Green Embers’ Recommends) and read the review!

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Not-So-Shocking Adventure: The Podcast Has Landed

It's Podcast Time!

It’s Podcast Time!

D: Well, it’s about bloody time.

A: Excuse me?

D: How many months ‘hiatus’ did you take from podcasting, Miss A?

A: Seriously? This from the druid who ridiculed the very idea that I put my voice to the interwebs?

D: Well, now, I may have had some reservations, but while you were off not doing the podcast, no one was giving any thought to who should be my voice!

A: But I’ve known all along who should be your voice (and with that hefty revelation, why don’t you stop by GE Recommends for the podcast. Don’t worry – D’s waited this long. He can wait a few more minutes).

D: You have?

A: Uh huh.

D: . . . and why haven’t you shared that with the world? Come on, A – this audio-book isn’t going to act itself out!

A: Oh all right, in the spirit of the week that’s in it, I’ll reveal who not only inspired your um, brooding looks–

D: I do not brood.

A: It could have been worse, I could have called you a lurker.

D: (Sputtering). Fine. Brooding, it is.

A: This gentlemen not only inspired your brooding good looks, but in my head, whenever you speak, it’s his voice. Every. Single. Time.

D: Distracting, is it?

I may or may not encourage silly gifts like these from The Boy on Valentine's Day. What can I say, they just make me smile.

I may or may not encourage silly gifts like these from The Boy on Valentine’s Day. What can I say, they just make me smile.

A: Considering The Boy jokingly gives me movie paraphernalia with his face on it every year for Valentine’s? Yeah, a little.

D: I knew I liked that child. So you’re telling me, I’m based on Thorin?

A: Or Richard Armitage, but yeah, basically.

D: I like it.

A: Really? No push-back? No snark?

D: No. I think it is highly appropriate. He has my gravitas, pathos and a charmingly wicked gleam to his eye. All in all, I believe you found the perfect muse with which to release my greatness. In fact, only one thing remains.

A: I’m afraid to ask. . .

D: Answering the question why you haven’t cornered him and demanded he do my voice?

A: I think he’s a little busy being epic on stage and in the movies.

D: I don’t think that ought to stop you.

A: Oh dear, this not going to end well.

D: In fact, I think you need to fly or sail or swim or, I don’t know, take that broomstick of yours and get yourself over to England and enlist that man’s voice. You can do it – I’ve heard what you and your friends got up to trying to get Conan O’Brien’s attention.

A: (Sigh) And I was right. While I try to talk D off this particular high, head over to Green Embers’ Recommends for the 14th episode of the Not-So-Shocking-News Dialogues, The Podcast Has Landed!

A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: Gimme a Break

adventureswithD-final (1)A: So, I think I know who should be your voice actor.

D: Wait, aren’t I the one who is supposed to propose the names, while you poke holes in my dreams?

A: Normally, yes, but getting in a rut is bad for creativity, D.

D: You sound so logical when you say that, but something deep down in my soul says I am going to regret this conversation.

A: (Eye roll) Don’t you want to know who I picked?

D: No.

A: Oh, come on.

D: (Sigh) Oh, all right. Who is it?


Well, Mr. Reeves has the right hair color, and he even appears to have a smolder, but maybe D is right… just don’t tell him I said so, okay?

A: Keanu Reeves.

D: . . .

A: Don’t give me that look. He’s brilliant. He’s like a table cracker.

D: And that makes him brilliant?

A: Yeah. See, Brad and I were talking about the 11th Podcast episode title (go on, go listen. We can wait), and somehow Keanu Reeves came up, and I said he was a table cracker.

D: . . .

A: Because he’s not horrible, but kinda bland – he’s just there, you know?

D: Bland?! How does bland make him a good choice for me? I have a wide range of emotions, A. I feel things. I have depth.

A: I’ll say – you know, that deep voice of yours is dangerous when it gets that loud.

D: My apologies, but please, pray tell me how bland-as-a-table-cracker actor is worthy of me.

A: I was thinking that, much like a cracker, he would pick up the flavors of his material. He’d be a blank slate for your, as you say, wide range.

D: Really?

A: Okay, that and I knew it would annoy you.

D: That sounds more like it.

A: Yeah, well, it was worth a try! Anyway, check out Episode 11, Crackers and Kit Kats of the Not So Shocking News Dialogues, back after an extended summer hiatus. There are some great reviews to be had, some fabulous nerd-news, not to mention insightful musings on what makes a classic – and my favorite, Peter Capaldi’s incarnation as the Doctor!

Halloween Movie Favorites (Movie Recommendations)

D: It’s alive!!
A: Very droll, D.
D: Well, you’re the one with the Halloween Movie recommendations–
A: Movies to get your scare on!
D: Quite. Personally, I’m looking forward to Garfield’s Halloween.
A: Really?
D: Of course. The pirate sequence is actually quite good, and a little spooky.
A: You never cease to amaze me.
D: This, I believe, is a good thing.
A: You know what, it is. Cheer’s D! And everyone else, check out the other spooky movies over at Green Embers’ Recommends!

A Not-So-Shocking-Adventure: X marks the … Magneto?

adventureswithD-final (1)A: All right, Druid, where did you put him?

D: What? Put who, A?

A: You know who I’m talking about.

D: Alas, my ability to read your confounding mind is limited.

A: Well, since this week’s podcast, Episode X, is titled The Case of the Missing Magneto (go on, give it a listen. We can wait)…

D: What does that have to do with me?

Is Michael Fassbender the voice of D? Photo courtesy Google Images/USA Today

Is Michael Fassbender the voice of D? I’m certainly not going to argue. Photo courtesy Google Images/USA Today

A: I heard you, in the back of my head while I had my movie marathon. Every time Michael Fassbender showed up on screen, you whispered, “that one.”

D: And considering how many Fassbender movies you watched …

A: Hey now, that was research. After the first time I heard you, I had to make sure you were right.

D: And the verdict?

A: I think I might need to watch some more of his movies…

D: Sure you do, A. But let’s get back to this vicious accusation you’ve thrown at my head. Why would I steal Magneto – and who’s to say it would be Fassbender’s Magneto I would steal?

A: Actually, both would be splendid as you, but I suppose the accusation may have been wishful thinking?

D: Wishful thinking? You are a devious woman, A.

A: Thank you. You have to admit it might be preferable to trying to convince academy-recognized actors to narrate your story, while only taking a cut of the royalties on every audio book sold.

D: I admit nothing, A. My brilliance should be enough to capture their attention.

A: Uh huh. Right. Let me just work that into the proposal, yeah?

D: Make it so, A.

A: Um, wrong X-Man – and wrong series–

D: These are pointless details, A. In the meantime, everyone ought to run over to Green Embers Recommends for Episode 10 of the Not-So-Shocking News Dialogues.

A: Indeed – thanks for reading everyone!

A Not-Shocking-Adventure: Striking Back

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Did I ever tell you about the time I avenged the death of my mentor by slicing his murderer in half?

A: Uh. . . I’m not sure. Is this a threat of some sort because I’ve been MIA from the blog?

D: No.

A: Good. In that case, no, I did not know that – but it sounds oddly familiar.

D: Or, how about the time I wasted romantically away in a French slum, mourning the loss of my lady-love?

A: Oh my god, you *would* attempt to waste away romantically.  And no, you didn’t tell me that, either. What is going on, D? And why do I have the faintest thought that I’ve heard all this before?

D: Then there was the time I was a young, rootless reporter, chasing after the story of a secret military program.

A: Okay, stop right there, Druid.

D: What?

A: I’m on to you. Those things do sound familiar, but you didn’t do them!

D: How do you know?

A: Because those are all Ewan McGregor movies. I knew you were going to get back at me for having a podcast without you (go on, click the link. D can wait).

D: Who says I wasn’t there, hm? (Go on, click the link for an Easter Egg. A can wait).

A: . . .

Is Ewan McGregor the Voice of D? He certainly has the accent for it! Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Is Ewan McGregor the Voice of D? He certainly has the accent for it!
Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

D: I digress. Perhaps you are right, A, but did you consider that Ewan McGregor is really the perfect actor to voice me because he was already playing me for years, without knowing it?

A: . . . You and your time travel defy logic.

D: Perhaps for you, A. Admit it – before I ever became a prisoner of your mind, it is entirely possible that I could have been as awesome as the characters Ewan McGregor plays.

A: Prisoner of my mind, indeed.

D: I notice how you don’t deny it.

A: I have learned that contradicting you is pointless.

D: Indeed.

A: Did you know, now that the book is nearing publication (only 5 months to go! I should totally have a countdown on the blog–)

D: (You would need to be on the blog in order to have a countdown.)

A: (Killjoy.) Anyway, now that we’re nearing publication, we have to think audio books.

D: You mean I may truly get a voice?

A: Yes!

D: Have you contacted Mr. McGregor’s people, then?

A: No!

D: Oh.

A: Don’t look so dejected, D. I was thinking someone a little more local. A little more affordable, too. But you can, you know, keep on hoping. Maybe the stars will align and you’ll get the voice actor of your dreams.

D: Now you’re just humoring me.

A: Actually I was trying to provide a segue into a closing song, but humoring you works, too. Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy the podcast, Episode 9: Rise of the Revengeance of the Fleshies Striking Back, over at Green Embers’ Recommends. And just in case you are wondering, yes you CAN subscribe to us on iTunes!!

Living Musically, Or The Son of Paleface Returns

D: The Son of Paleface is the return, A. I mean, even the song is a reprise.

A: I know, but there is the whisper of a ‘saying’ in my head, which escapes me – and may not even be real–

D: Go figure.

A: Cheers, D. Regardless, it either has to do with Paleface or the Return of the something – and no, not Jedi.

D: I wasn’t going to go with Jedi. That’s your nerdgasm, A.

A: And that is my Ewok song. *Ahem.* So, where did you hear that word?

D: I live your head. I can’t account for what I pick up.

A: Point taken.

D: So, what exactly is returning, may I ask?

A:  You may. What is returning is news. See, with the new compliance rules at work, I can’t visit blogs, but I can read them on my email. So, I’ve gleaned a fair bit of news that I haven’t been able to respond to, or even “like!”

D: This is painful for you, isn’t it?

A: It’s almost physical, that’s how difficult it is not to casually stroll by blogs. I’ve managed a workaround, which I only discovered this week —

D: She’s bright, folks, but she never claimed to be quick.

A: . . . (Teeth gritting) Thank you, D.

D: Anytime.

A: As I was saying, I can link titles to my Facebook page to show my appreciation, but really, it’s just easier to put all the articles I enjoyed into a blog post, like in the good old days.

D: The good old days? Like, when you used to write every day instead of being . . . Oh, I don’t know, what’s the word. . .?

A: Busy?

D: No.

A: Mom?

D: No . . . oh wait, I have it: a bloody social butterfly. Who are you and what have you done with my A?? I want my writer back.

A: Your writer is still here, D. She just went through a bout of creative burnout. Being moderately social is my cure. There is only so much inspiration I can find within my four walls.

D: So, being ridiculous at a painting bar helps you write?

A: You better believe it, D.


A: First, stroll by Green Embers Recommends for Part 2 in my Battlestar Galactica review.  AND check it out, the Not-So-Shocking-News Dialogues are now on iTunes!! You can actually subscribe! Because Green is awesome.

D: That’s not even in the original Battlestar Series.

A: No, but it is in The Plan – in fact, it is the best part of The Plan.

D: Good point. Next, check out Terrible Mind’s writerly prompt (and I hear A might actually participate – stay tuned).

A: And last week, at Legends of Windemere, Charles discussed wedded bliss – or lack thereof – in fiction. The wedding palace was particularly funny–

D: And this week he’s debuting a series of villain teasers from the world of Windemere – head on over and check it out

A: There’s a challenge a-brewing. A book review challenge series, hosted by the lovely Rosie Amber, which started today! Check out the first post, How I Write a Book Review.

D: And in “Making Monday’s Fun” News, John and Marie have a lovely “Top 10 What Not To Do” involving the camera. A should take notes.

A: Cheers, D. Last week, Jack Flacco posted a great article – and he’s right: 1999 was one of the best years in film, although I do disagree with Phantom Menace. Sure, it made a lot of money, but . . . but . . . sigh. To answer his question, The Mummy, Sleepy Hollow, The Bone Collector, Lock Stock and the Matrix stick in my memory.

D: In case you missed it, that delightful dilettante and mistress of prose, Helena Hann-Basquiat bade us a (temporary) farewell with the raw, moving epistle: Leaving Arcadia. Start reading it here. In her absence, her creepy alter-ego Jessica B. Bell is now in charge of the blog.

A: There’s a new site in town, Good People Doing Great Things, and they need YOUR help. While you’re there, check out Marie Ann Bailey’s guest post: A Random Act of Kindness.

D: So, A and I aren’t the only ‘characters’ of the literary (and I use that term loosely) to make an art form of talking to themselves. Ionia Martin, of Readful Things is extending a fabulous interview opportunity to all the writers out there with Mirror Interviews. First up? John Howell (writer, not historian)!

A: And finally, she had me at space pirates . . . check out JS Collyer’s promotional goodies for her marketing crowd-funding campaign. From the looks of it, the campaign has been successful in less than three days – that is spectacular!

D: Speaking of pirates . . .

A: That is my very favorite one (sigh). Hope you all have enjoyed our Living (movie) Musically News Spectacular. Thank you all for reading and have a great day.

Lions and Tigers and Cylons, oh my!

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, Great-Grandpas, Moms-who-are-Dads, Step-Dads, Partners in Crime and all-around fabulous people who take the time to serve as a role-model and guiding hand in any child’s life. You make the world a better place.

Second, take a trip to outer space and check out my review of the Battlestar Galactica TV Miniseries (2003) at Green Embers Recommends!

adventureswithD-final (1)