Flash Fiction

World Builders: Part of the Changelings Compendium

The Ballad of Dubhshìth and Mairead

The Race: A stand-alone short story from Changelings: Into the Mist.

From the Blog

The Heresy of Before: 100 years from now, what is left of the world’s free men pits itself against those who would presume to rule them

A Date with A Druid: A and Marie Ann Bailey joined forces to give their characters a night on the town. This was the result!

My Name is D: What if D was not a figment of A’s imagination? What if he was a con on the run, and A just happened to be the bounty hunter tasked with bringing him in?

Other Stories: Flash fiction, most in response to The Literary Syndicate’s weekly challenge.

The Community Storyboard

Ionia Martin, of Readful Things Blog, developed the Community Storyboard, and it is there that many of these stories have a home. The Storyboard features several talented writers and we encourage you to visit often.

Short Stories/Flash Fiction

The House at Carrick Close: A spectral flutter at the window proves to Kate that her transatlantic move just got a lot better.

Claude, A Story in Four Paws: The life of Claude, the 3-legged pug.

The Adventures of Squirrel Commandant Rodrigo

The Adventures of The Kid

Fairy Tales and Other Worlds

Love: Love found and love lost.

Just for fun: Superheroes, skinny dipping grannies and more!

Fun at the Movies: Tongue-in-Cheek stories in the spirit of some of my favorite movies

Other Poetry (warning – limericks ahead)

That’s Where Summer Went

Picture Perfect

Time Travel by Limerick


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