Changelings: The Memory of Myth

The war between Man and Fae is over.

Nuada is dead, but so too is Sean. Dubh has disappeared back into the mists of time, and Maureen is alone.

But not quite. Aunt Margaret, torn from her own time, is waiting for Maureen to come home – to bear witness to the family she saved. With Aunt Margaret’s help, Maureen will unlock the tragedy at the heart of the family she created.

The war between Man and Fae is over, but the War of the Gods is just beginning.

Changelings: The Memory of Myth, Volume 3 in the Changelings series, will be available on Amazon on May 30, 2020.

Other books in the Changelings series:

Presenting: Three Ghosts – On Sale Now!

Three Ghosts – Cover Art by Casey T. Malone

What do you do when the decisions you’ve made come back to haunt you? How do you make them right? Can you, when one wrong move will mean lives lost?

Deirdre O’Brien, an American political-activist living in Dublin, married the wrong man – and had to kill him to save the lives of thousands. Fifteen years later, he’s back from the dead, with a horrific plan to destroy the tenuous peace between Belfast, Dublin and London. To stop him, Dee will throw herself at a seedy underworld, where nothing is what it seems, and trust is a commodity too short in supply.

She only has three days – three days, and three ghosts. She will confront them, or risk becoming one herself.

The Race is On!

I first presented Three Ghosts as a serialized short story here at the blog, but as the story evolved, it was clear to some people (not me – I’m usually the last to be aware) it needed to be combined and made readily available for readers. Which means, today, I am happy to present Three Ghosts, a story born of a text message, which matured into a fast-paced political thriller where spies, paramilitary ideologues and pool-hall hustlers all vie for their chance to take on London via a heinous terrorist plot devised in the wake of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Even better? I’ve added brand-new content AND it is available to download FREE on Amazon today through March 20! 

changelingsebookcover-flat4And, if that weren’t enough, Changelings: Into the Mist, my young adult historical fantasy also set in Ireland, is on sale today through March 20. Download your copy from Amazon for $.99, or get your hands on the print copy for just $9.99!

Changelings: Into the Mist

Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them.

Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. It was the vision of the warrior, shrouded in mist, that did it. Maureen had to follow, and now they’re stuck in 1584, on a pirate ship captained by notorious local legend, Grace O’Malley.

Careening between swordfights on the high seas and a city on the brink of a bloody uprising three centuries later, the only way home is to confront a myth, and he – Faerie king, Nuada Silver Arm – would rather the last of the Changelings remain lost to time forever.

As the shadows rise, and the king’s insidious whispers drive Maureen and Sean apart, they turn to the one man who can help them: the warrior in the mist. The only Changeling the king could not break, Dubh Súile will do all he can to protect the last of his kind, yet even he may be too late to stop the king from rekindling a centuries-old war that threatens the very fabric of time.

Celebrate Ireland’s storied history of myth-makers and rebels!

Both tales are also appropriate for the David Lynch fans out there (what can I say, my cover artist has a way with memes – and a sense of humor

Both tales are also appropriate for the David Lynch fans out there (what can I say, my cover artist has a way with memes – and a wicked sense of humor).

Treat yourself to a slice of Ireland – whether you prefer edge-of-your seat excitement in contemporary Dublin, or long for Ireland’s misty hills, haunted with thousands of years of history and lore, Three Ghosts and Changelings have something for everyone this St. Patrick’s Day.

Katie SullivanAbout the Author

Descended of pirates and revolutionaries, Katie Sullivan is a lover and student of all things Irish. Born in the States, she is a dual US/Irish citizen, and studied history and politics at University College, Dublin – although, at the time, she seriously considered switching to law, if only so she could attend lectures at the castle on campus. She lives in the American Midwest with her son, two cats and a pesky character in her head named D (but you can call him Dubh). She can be found writing with said character weekly at her blog, The D/A Dialogues.

Connect with Katie!

The D/A Dialogues | Katie Sullivan, Author Website
Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+

Revealed: Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. 2

A: D! D! Check it out!

D: What, woman? Good gods, what is the time? I’m aware you keep the hours of owls, but the rest of us do not.

A: Oh, you’ll perk right up for this . . .

D: Is this more of your innuendo talk?

A: My innuendo–you’ve come up with plenty of innuendos yourself, Druid, and the lady we’re about to showcase has had more than a few to say to you as well.

D: Oh. . . OH! You mean Helena! Why didn’t you say so from the first, Mistress A? What news from our favorite Dilettante?

A: Instead of telling you, I think perhaps I’ll do what all writers are admonished to do, and show you!

Cover art by Hastywords

Cover art by Hastywords


Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two is the second collection of reminiscences, following Helena Hann-Basquiat, a self-proclaimed dilettante who will try anything just to say that she has, and her twenty-something niece, who she has dubbed the Countess Penelope of Arcadia.

Speaking of Arcadia, this volume delves into Helena’s childhood, as she revisits what she calls the Arcadia of the mind — that place that keeps us trapped and holds us back from our potential. Some of her most personal stories are included here, interspersed with hilarious stories of misadventure. It’s not a novel, really, and it’s not a memoir, by the strictest definition. But most of what follows, as they say, is true. Sort of. Almost. From a certain point of view.

Discover Helena’s tales for the first time or all over again, with new notes and annotations for the culturally impaired — or for those who just need to know what the hell was going through her mind at the time!

Helena is going to be running a crowdfunding/pre-order campaign at Pubslush, a community focused solely on indie writers, and has set up a profile there to launch Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two.

For more information, and to follow the progress, Become a Fan at

If you just can’t wait and you want a taste of Helena’s writing, follow her blog:

If you just can’t get enough Helena, or you want updates on further goings on, release dates and miscellaneous mayhem, follow Helena on Twitter @hhbasquiat

About the Author

helena-h-bThe enigmatic Helena Hann-Basquiat dabbles in whatever she can get her hands into just to say that she has.

She’s written cookbooks, ten volumes of horrible poetry that she then bound herself in leather she tanned poorly from cows she raised herself and then slaughtered because she was bored with farming.

She has an entire portfolio of macaroni art that she’s never shown anyone, because she doesn’t think that the general populous or, “the great unwashed masses” as she calls them, would understand the statement she was trying to make with them.

Some people attribute the invention of the Ampersand to her, but she has never made that claim herself.

In 2014, she published Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, several e-books which now make up Volume Two, as well as a multimedia collaborative piece of meta-fictional horror entitled JESSICA.

Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One is available HERE in e-book for Kindle or HERE in paperback.

Helena writes strange, dark fiction under the name Jessica B. Bell.

Find more of her writing at or or connect with her via Twitter @HHBasquiat.

Changelings: A Recap

Happy December, Blogosphere!

My little stash - plus, an awesome poster!

My little stash – plus, an awesome poster!

It’s been a wild, eye-opening month since I began the last stages of Changelings release – a rewarding crowd-funding campaign, a lovely release party and a trip across the interwebs. There have been some amazing reviews and support – it’s beyond my comprehension and my gratitude is matched only by how tired I am.

Did the IndiGoGo campaign make its final goal? No. And that is my fault. In the final weeks, my push to find funders faltered and I ended a scant $55 short. Quite frankly, that is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and I’ve decided to look at it as a plus, because honestly, I never realized I had it in me to start one in the first place. So, in my heated little brain, the campaign was an amazing success, and I’m already working with IngramSpark to have the book available for printing through them.

Further advertising will come as my budget allows, and I’m more than happy with that. D and I will keep plugging away at this little blog, particularly after the holidays, and there’s the second book to finish editing – not to mention developing the outlines for books three, four, five and six.

That’s right, in the whirlwind that was November, I may have acknowledged and then confirmed that book 2, The Coming Storm was not the end. While I may divert into the world of The Heresy of Before for a little while (although, not in the way I expected at first… more on that development later), I am not done with my Changelings just yet. Readers of the book will know there is a story to be told – and it’s not just D’s, but also his mother’s story.

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

It’s exciting and a little mind-boggling. Right now I’m just happy to have Changelings out there – and happy to have survived its release. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy working backstage during this year’s Mukwonago Village Players’ Christmas Show (“The Gifts of Christmas” – if you’re in the area, it’s a funny, heartwarming extravaganza!) while Thomas plays onstage. Well, that and see how well my plan to wrap gifts as I get them instead of all on the 23rd (as has been my norm for almost 25 years) goes!

So thank you all again – if you contributed publicly, your name is now enshrined forever on both The D/A Dialogues “A Word of Thanks,” above, as well as my author page.

There are also those who have been reviewing while I’ve been apparently hibernating (I wasn’t, but I was laid low with a variety of ailments – but hey, I read all of the Hunger Games so it worked out). Pamela Beckford, Bradley Corbett, Andra Watkins and Jack Flacco have been busy busy busy at a slew of review places letting people know what they think of the book. You can check out the reviews, certainly (and they’re beyond lovely) but better yet, check out the rest of their sites, because those are even better!

Please know, all of you, that support not only buoyed my spirits, but also helped make the Changelings release a wonderful success.

Thank you.

Changelings on Tour: Dean Kealy


I love the artwork Dean created for his header. It’s just awesome!

Last, but certainly not least on the Changelings Blog Tour is Dean from It’s a Wee Bit Wordy and Dean’z Doodlez.

Dean is an Irish student, artist and writer, who not only beta-read Changelings, but offered some editing tips on the line of Irish dialogue (Google Translator, it turns out, isn’t a fabulous idea!). I gave Dean the early draft with some trepidation – after all, it’s been a few years since I lived in Ireland, and given that self-doubt is a second skin I wear, I wasn’t sure it would measure up. Imagine my relief when Dean gave that early version a thumbs-up! Dean and I have traded guests posts over the two years I’ve known him – we were first introduced through The Community Storyboard, first through his art, and then through his writing. I’ve enjoyed reading and watching him hone and expand his talents in both areas! Not only has he published a short story, Quentin Hide and the Evil Lord Twigton (buy it!), he also runs an online store selling his artwork!

Dean is one of those bloggers who really gives us a picture into this life – many things on Dean’s Doodlez are drawings and his projects-in-progress, but over at Wee Bit Wordy, he opens up and allows us into his world, either through his goal posts for Building Rome or just general musings. It’s always a pleasure to see and read what’s happening with Dean’s life, and I am so pleased that he’s showcased Changelings on both his sites! Thank you so much, Dean!

Dean’s World

A Week in the Life: Building Rome, Week 20

Doodlez: A is for Abe Sapien

Musings: August Blues

Adventures: Luke Jensins Day from Hell

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Changelings on Tour: John W. Howell


John W. Howell

John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites is playing host to the Changelings blog tour on this, the seventh day of its march across the interwebs.

Like so many of the wonderful people on this tour, I met John at the beginning of my blogging journey, and got to know him better through the Community Storyboard. He is bursting with talent. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out his thriller, My GRL (buy it!). John has a way with dialogue that is brilliant in its simplicity.

While John blogs about a variety of topics – and is a wonderful promoter of other authors – there are three cornerstones to his site. All of them are unique, and really quite wonderful. Mondays set us off with a Top 10 what-not-to-do; Wednesday is story day, while John saves Friday for a poetic interlude, the TGIF Haiku (or Johnku as it is known in some circles). And, on the occasional Saturday, he treats us to a stream-of-consciousness story.

The Top 10 is both amusing and cautionary, while the story almost always features an amazing twist (usually with that irascible card, Frank, as the hapless protagonist). The Haiku is a brilliant short-form poem that sums up the week – and the hope for the weekend – beautifully.

John is one of those marvelously gifted individuals who is there supporting you, 100%, and his quiet appreciation does wonders for the soul. At the same time, his sly wit does wonders for the funny bone (you should see/read him match wits with D, as he has on this blog a few times – it is marvelous!). I have been blessed with John’s friendship and wisdom and it is a real treat to be featured on his site. Thank you for your support, John – it is most appreciated!

John’s Favorites

Top 10 Monday: 10 Things Not To Do When the Weather Turns Cold

Story Day Wednesday: Feelings

Haiku Friday: November 14 – Paradise Lost

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Element

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Changelings on Tour: Andra Watkins

The amazing Andra Watkins

The amazing Andra Watkins

Have you ever met someone who is just one of your people?

On day six of the Changelings Blog Tour, Andra Watkins, author of To Live Forever: The Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis (buy it!) is host.

Andra has to be one of the most amusing and insightful people I’ve met on my blogging journey. I quickly fell into her blog, The Accidental Cootchie Mama when I first started blogging and after a few telling comments, was overjoyed to realize that Andra and I had quite a bit in common (Harrison Ford – Indy – Han – yes!). Her tongue-in-cheek provocation more often than not gives way to poignant wisdom, and her words are always – and I mean always – a joy to read.

She’s taken her pen to D – and spoke to his deeper, haunting presence in such a way that made me respect him more (but don’t tell him that). She is a masterful storyteller who has penned a delightful tapestry of fiction and history in To Live Forever (and you know you want signed copies to give away at the holidays), but more than that, she is a steadfast friend, and I am beyond honored to have Changelings grace her page. Thank you so much, Andra.

Andra’s Amazing Accidents

Recently: I’m Dating Another Man

Fun: A Recipe for Sound (Because she used the word MacGyvered… she is my people)

Beautiful: Haunted

Inspirational: It Ain’t Easy Being Inspirational (Perhaps, but that might be why we think so)

Coming Up: Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace is Andra’s autobiographical tale of her recent journey through the Natchez Trace, and it is going to be spectacular! Mark January 15 on your calendar, because you are going to want to get your hands on this book.

Counting my blessings

3dfrontA: What a day, D.

D:Yeah, man. Whew. What a day—

A: What are you doing?

D: Um, commiserating?

A: Stop. It’s just weird.

D: Oh, thank heavens. So, are you a bestseller yet?

A: (Sigh) I think I liked weird better.

D: Whatever, woman. Don’t dodge the question.

A: I’m better than a bestseller – I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of support, and that alone makes this day – not to mention this week (month, year, ect.) – amazing. Bloggers Dean, Pamela, Charles, Helena, John, Sue, Marie, Jack Susan, Andra and Brad either reblogged, Tumbled, Tweeted, Facebooked, reviewed – or did a combination of all four – the release of the book and I am so very thankful they did so. Then there are the people in my real life  who supported the crowdfunding, spread the word and allowed me to cajole them into buying a digital or hard copy in person (Christopher, Dawn, Mom, Christine, Jim S., Judy, KC, Molly, Derek and Pat – if you’re reading this: thank you).


Spreading the word keeps us in ink and quills… er, or hard drives and software!

D: Counting your blessings indeed.

A: And that’s not all.

D: No?

A: Nope – the latest Not-So-Shocking News podcast at Green Embers Recommends went live today, and it is pretty awesome. Brad did a great job editing.

D: Now, about that – I’ve been thinking.

A: Oh dear.

D: Ahem. I’ve been thinking that—

A: Stop right there. I know who should be your voice actor.

D: Oh no, not again. If it’s another Keanu Reeves—

A: It isn’t. You’ll like this one.

D: . . .

A: Chris Evans.

D: You want Captain America to be my voice? Um, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m from what is now Scotland.

A: I know, I know – and I’m not talking about Captain America Chris Evans (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). I’m talking about Snowpiercer Chris Evans.

D: Oh. . . . What’s the difference?

A: Smolder.

D: Oh dear. Here we go again.

Not only was the movie fan-freaking-tastic, that's some lovely smolder.

Not only was the movie fan-freaking-tastic, that’s some lovely smolder.

A: Just look at the picture, D.

D: … All right. I’ll consider it.

A: Ha!

D: But that’s not who should really play me…

A: Oi! Spoilers!

In other news – if you’ve signed up for the launch party on November 15th, be sure to check out Facebook later this evening/tomorrow for contest updates and instructions for skype! If you haven’t signed up – what are you waiting for? Even if you can’t make it in person, just by saying “I’m going” your name will be entered to win a fabulous bundle of goodies, including a signed hard copy of Changelings, a beautiful tablet cover, a poster and a ridiculously awesome mug. There will be two winners drawn – one from the physical attendees and another from the virtual!

D: And if you don’t feel like leaving it to chance, you can always check out the IndieGoGo campaign page to order signed copies, t-shirts, bookmarks and all sorts of … inventive merchandise.

A: Admit it, D. You want a mug.

indiegogoheader - BLOGD: I admit nothing… Although, it would go nicely with my cloak.

A: And there you have it, folks – from the Druid himself! The IndieGoGo campaign runs through December 5, although if you’ve already contributed, your prizes are going out this weekend! Thank you all so much for all your support. I could not have gotten this far without all of you.

D: And remember, if you’ve picked up a book today, happy reading – and if you haven’t, check it out on Amazon!

It’s Here! Changelings: Into the Mist

Changelingscover Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them.

Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. To find a way home, they must curry favor with pirates, dodge a revolution, and defy a king out of Ireland’s deepest legends.

They are Changelings, and they have magic in their blood – magic, which will rekindle a centuries-old war that threatens to tear the very fabric of time.

Pirates and rebels and myths, oh my!

Changelings: Into the Mist is the first book in the exciting Changelings series, and it is available in print and digital from Amazon today!

D: And it’s about bloody time.

A: Excuse me?

D: A year-and-a-half you’ve been telling people about my book!

A: And I’ve been writing it – and its initial sequel, Into the Storm for two years. What’s your point?

D: Good lord, woman – has it really been two years? That’s practically an eon in in this, as you say, the digital age. Now, back in my day, stories were as close and immediate as the household bard.

A: Back in your day, you had to rely on oral tradition. And that meant memorizing every story, and every genealogy. How long did your initial training take you? Nine years?

D: . . . Okay, point taken.

A: Ah-ha!

D: But even you’ve said, more than once, that this story in particular has been twenty years in the making.

A: This is true, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way – your incessant crabbing notwithstanding.

D: My–

A: And your greatness, your pathos and the sheer breadth of your history. It took that long just to allow the stories to blend. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

D: Wow, A . . . what can I say, but, thank you?

A: And thank you, D. We’ve done some mighty fine work together. I’m so pleased it’s out there for people to enjoy. It is, quite simply, a life-long dream come true.

Chapter One

I sat in the grove of my own creation and stared out at a world and a people descended of mine own. As I watched, trees gave way to stone and the Many lost their claim to the priests of the One.

Then the wheel turned. The sacred trees grew around my effigy of stone and the Many came out of hiding. I sat in my grove and watched a world outside my imagination, willing it to see.

She saw. She saw me with uncanny green eyes – the green eyes of my mother and her mother before her: witch’s eyes.

Joy rose in me. It was time – time to join the world after years of solitude, time to act after centuries of stillness.

I closed my eyes and reached across the barrier, to touch my future and my past…

Advanced praise for Changelings: Into the Mist

“It’s a love-letter to Ireland.” ~ Helena Hann-Basquiat, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. One

“Katie Sullivan has penned an imaginative, entertaining debut novel.” ~ Andra Watkins, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis (GoodReads Review)

Get your copy today!

And, check out the IndieGoGo Campaign for your opportunity to not only have me sign your copy of Changelings, but to get some gorgeous perks – all while helping this indie author fund her ongoing marketing campaign.

Katie SullivanAbout the Author

Descended of pirates and revolutionaries, Katie Sullivan is a lover and student of all things Irish. Born in the States, she is a dual US/Irish citizen, and studied history and politics at University College, Dublin – although, at the time, she seriously considered switching to law, if only so she could attend lectures at the castle on campus. She lives in the American Midwest with her son, two cats and a pesky character in her head named D (but you can call him Dubh). She can be found writing with said character weekly at her blog, The D/A Dialogues.

Connect with Katie!

The D/A Dialogues | Katie Sullivan, Author Website

Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+

Check out Changelings on GoodReads


Revealed... Changelings: Into the Mist. I'm trying really hard not to grin like a madwoman right now!

Revealed… Changelings: Into the Mist. I’m trying really hard not to grin like a madwoman right now!

D: Oh bloody hell, woman – are you seriously going to set about revealing everyone else’s work instead of ours–

A: Uh, D?

D: I mean, do you know how many days there are until our book releases?!

A: Why yes, I do–

D: I mean, certainly you left it vague enough, but this is really too much. First you don’t post–

A: D!

D: And then you play host to the mistress of creepy (although I do rather like those…)

A: Dubh Súile mac Alasdair!

D: Good gods, woman. I didn’t know you could shout so loud.

A: Me neither. If you’re quite done, could you take a look at the top of the post, the top left of the post and, oh yeah, the center bottom?

D: At the top of the — oh.

A: Satisfied?

D: Speechless, A. Well done.

A: Indeed. It has been a bit of a slog, and I’m pretty sure I resemble a wild-eyed hermit more than I care to admit (which is going to make sitting for my headshot on Thursday so much fun), but the cover art for Changelings has been finalized. I must say, I’m pretty proud of it.

D: Well, don’t just rest on your laurels, woman – make your announcement!

A: I thought you were admiring?

D: I am, but tell the people, A!

A: (Eye roll) Right. So, while the Druid admires my handiwork… silently… I’m here to officially announce the Changelings: Into the Mist blog tour volunteer request! If you would like to feature Changelings’ official release announcement on your online space starting November 12, just fill out the form below – or shoot me an email.

D: Don’t forget about the review copies.

A: So much for silent. I was getting to that, D. And stop tapping your foot at me. You look like–

D: A.

A: Oh, fine. At the bottom of the contact form, you will note that review copies of Changelings will also be made available to those who are interested. If you do take one, all I ask is that you post your review on your online space by December 31, 2014.

D: Don’t forget, A – those that read the beta version are in for a surprise.

A: Surprise? They’re in for 150 extra pages, if they decide to review/buy/borrow! And with that little nugget, we’re going to bid you all a good night – thank you for reading!

Changelings cover-page001