Fool me once . . .

There once was a Druid named Dubh Súile

As my muse, he is sometimes cruel.

He was once a blonde

But of that he’s not fond –

At least I did not dress him in tulle.

* * *

D: Seriously, A?

A: April Fools?

D: You are impossible.

A: Yes. Yes, I am. Cheers, D!

April Fools Roundup

A: Our very favorite Dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat, finally has a name for the Bayou Bonhomme Serial! And you know what? Click over to Helena’s site anyway, because her book, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volume One is now available to buy! Woo hoo!

D: And in slightly more sedate news, Interesting Literature has a True-or-False April Fool’s Literary Quiz.

dejagoogleA: Google is famous for it’s April Fools jokes, and though I saw this yesterday, the Shelfie (among others) was pretty bizarre. But this one was weirder – only because I’m not sure it was a joke: Deja Google. Real or not, I was amused.

D: Why’s that?

A: Apparently, Google-a-Day is powered by a wormhole.

D: Nice, Google.

A: Indeed. And last, but certainly not least, Leonard Nimoy has recorded the end-credit song for the third Hobbit movie, There and Back Again.  Just in case you don’t want to click over, here is the video:

D: That was a joke, right?

A: Yeah – that’s why it’s called the April Fool’s Roundup and not the Oh-So-Serious News at 11.

D: A simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed.

A: Perhaps. Of course, this video was not a joke – someone put it together back in 2012. And the single is available on iTunes.

D : I could have done without “Scroto Baggins”

A: I don’t know what you’re talking about, D. I thought that was awesome.

D: You would.

A: So did The Boy.

D: I can see you’ve been a bad influence on the child.

A: Okay, okay- how about a music video incorporating the original song and the original animated Hobbit movie?

D: Only marginally better.

A: Oh, come on, you have to admit – it’s catchy.

D: (Humming absently) Bilbo-Bilbo!

A: Ha! I knew it!

D: Uh-oh, I mean – um–

A: No way you’re getting out of this one, D.

D: Oh, yes there is – April Fools!

A: (Eye roll) Nice try, Druid.

D: And with that, we will bid you all a fond farewell – before A decides to add any more ridiculousness to the menagerie she has collected here.

A: Goodnight, everyone!

Hot Chocolate: Let me count the ways

From Google Images Love at first sip

From Google Images
Love at first sip

So many reasons to love hot chocolate:

It has a fun history.

It’s good for you. Young or old, it has tons of healthy properties. Learn to love the deep dark stuff, and you’re golden!

It takes a ridiculous amount to kill you, but with the amount of endorphins running through your system, at that point you probably won’t mind.

It’s very name means, Food of the Gods.

It has some fun memes – even grumpy cat got in on the game.

There are myths on hot chocolate. Myths. You have to love a foodstuff that has it’s own mythology.

Some myth-links I found (have not been checked for veracity):

Reasons I’m drinking Hot Chocolate for Breakfast

Friday: Last day of the week? Check. Only moderately snowy on my way into work? Check. One of my posts as number 3 when searching for ‘hot chocolate’ on Google? Check. Being mistaken for my son’s sister at play practice? Yep, I get to have hot chocolate for breakfast (because I’m vain)!

Thursday: Because my hand is healed. Huzzah! See, proof of the healing benefits of hot cocoa!

Wednesday: Because Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” was queued up and ready to play when I got into my car this morning (which also didn’t need to be scraped of ice – it’s the little things)

Tuesday: Because I forgot to make myself breakfast . . . and lunch. The boy got breakfast but did Mom remember to make one for herself? Nope. Did she remember to grab soup on her way out the door at the ridiculously early hour of 6:30? Nope. Was she kinda hungry all day? Nope. Because: Hot Chocolate!

MondayIt’s Monday. That’s totally allowed as a reason. Plus, I stabbed my hand yesterday while making guacamole. Because I’m a menace with sharp objects! (no worries, nothing vital hit. Plus, the boy gets to wash dishes all week!)

The Marshmallow in your cup
Other News

adventureswithD-final (1)On a non-chocolate-related note, check out our latest D&A Entertainment News post on Green Embers’ Recommends – It’s Timey-Wimey and Wibbly-Wobbly!

Also, Green is still offering up space for the Indie Book Blast, taking place on the Green Embers blog for the first 9 days of December.

Finally, it’s the last call for volunteers in Charles Yallowitz’s Allure of the Gypsies Cover Reveal and Blog Tour!

That’s it – thanks for reading and joining in on my chocolate-fueled insanity. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!