Changelings on Tour: Green Embers

Green is also a fantastic artist. This logo – © Bradley Corbett – is a prime example.

To kick off the Changelings Blog Tour is my good friend and podcast buddy, Bradley Corbett, aka Green Embers.

He’s a cartoonist, html and css wizard, blogger and occasional writer (which he should do more of – he’s pretty good at it). He’s responsible for the colorful version of my blog tour page (thank you, Green), and he enjoys TV, movies and games, and all sorts of tech-geekery, which makes his opinions on Green Embers Recommends an entertaining read. And, considering I’m all over geekery, our show, the Not-So-Shocking News Dialogues, are more like conversational windows into an organized nerd fest. Which is fantastic.

His motivation of his fellow friends and bloggers knows no bounds – and has come in many incarnations. I first met ‘Green’ as I often call him, through the Building Rome project. Its mission was simple: Rome was not built in a day. To achieve one’s goals, one needs to take it a day at a time, and Building Rome was a place for people of all walks of life to do that.

© Bradley Corbett

© Bradley Corbett

That Building Rome site had hiccups and challenges of its own, but Brad now runs it through his main site, Green Embers, as a weekly reminder and update. It is a delightful and friendly way to keep on track and enjoy the encouragement of your blogosphere friends – as well as encourage your own support network. I also look at it as a way of holding yourself accountable to your own goals, but learning to forgive oneself for missteps and setbacks.

In that vein, Brad has been a wonderful cheerleader as I ignore everyone and everything in the effort to publish and now market the book. So, head over to Green Embers and Green Embers Recommends for a dose of fabulousness – and tell Green I said hi!

Some Green Highlights

Fiction: The Brothers Todd

Encouragement: Building Rome Week 46, Goals

Podcastery: The Not So Shocking News Dialogues, Episode 12: Rise of Marvel, Possibly Streaming

Review Mastery: The Flash (TV Review)


On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

Adventure with A to the Grand Budapest

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Does this ‘grand’ adventure mean he can be my voice actor, now?

A: Are you still going on about that?

D: Of course I am. He has charm, A. And wit. And has played a great many men with pathos and gravitas.

A:  And he’s a bit blonde… when he has hair.

D: A. I’m dark-haired now. We’ve discussed this.

A: We’ve also discussed that you have a horrible tendency to channel Voldemort and until you can control it, Ralph Fiennes is out as your voice actor. Because, you know, I could afford that salary. In my dreams. And, just so you know D, my appreciation for The Grand Budapest Hotel has nothing to do with my willingness – or lack thereof – to hire you a voice actor. In fact, the two have nothing to do with one another. I would even go so far as to say that my appreciation for the movie has nothing to do with you, D.

D: . . .

A: What? No witty rejoinder?

D: The cruelty and envy of the people who have all forsook me, hath devoured … and suffered me, by the voice of slaves, be whooped out of Rome.

A: Oh, for crying out loud. For a bit of A without D, head over to Green Embers’ Recommends for my take on the Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

A Not-So-Shocking Adventure: He’s got it Pegged

adventureswithD-final (1)D: I think I have it figured out, A.

A: Have what figured out, D? Is it the question that beggars the answer, 42?

D: No.

A: Have you figured out why there is something rather than nothing?

D: No, A. I figured—

A: Have you figured out what happens next?

D: Yes! Yes I have, A and what happens next is Simon Pegg is going to be my voice actor.

A: . . . You’re still going on about a voice actor?

D: So long as you insist on talking to the internet about cats, celebrities and a cacophonous conglomerate of craziness, I’m going to insist on having my own voice.

A: Please note that there were no cats mentioned in the recording of the Green Embers Recommends podcast, except in the title. Go on, go listen. We’ll wait.

* * *

D: As I was saying—

A: And may I interrupt here and say, that was an amazing array of alliteration, D.

D: Now you’re just mocking me.

A: I thought it was the other way around.

Is this the voice of D?  Nah!

Is this the voice of D?
… nah!

D: . . . Can I get back to Simon Pegg being my voice actor, please?

A: Of course.

D: Thank you  . . . of course, I don’t have anything else to say about that. Set it up, A.

A: Please. Set it up, A, please.

D: Fine. Please. . . and thank you.

A: That’s better. Why do you want him to voice you, D? I mean, he’s funny, certainly, but I’m just not seeing it.

D: You don’t have to see it, you have to hear it. I’ve heard him do different accents, A. I’m fairly certain he could handle mine.

A: I know, I know – and as I’ve said before, I admire his work, but are you sure he could do you justice?

D: You just don’t want people to hear me.

A: Actually, I don’t want to pay an actor to voice you, but should I fail in that endeavor, I’d like it to be right.

D: So, the comic genius who you and The Boy rave about is out?

A: Are you funny?

D: I see your point. But put him on the maybe list – I think he has potential, A.

A: (Eye roll) I’ll do that, D. I’m sure Mr. Pegg is so relieved you think so.

D: As well he should be. Enjoy the podcast everyone – A and Green certainly seem to.

Adventure with us in Spaced

adventureswithD-final (1)

A: Join D and I over at Green Embers’ Recommends for our take on Spaced!

D: Wait, A! I have another one: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. . . Spaced Wars

A: Eh, it’s a touching tribute to the show, but I liked your other ones better, D.

D: Fine, fine. To see just what the devil A and I are talking about, click the link

A: And enjoy!!

Not-So-Shocking Adventure… with the Doctor Edition

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Ooh! Sweet mystery of life, at last I have found you!

A: Not bad, D … interesting subject, but nice voice. What’s up?

D: Well, since you are persisting in actually speaking to the interwebs, as you call it (and in that ridiculous accent. Honestly, woman)—

A: Click here to hear it at GE Recommends — it’s hilarious! Go ahead, we’ll wait!


D: As I was saying, if you get to talk, so do I.

A: And so you’re singing because…

D: Auditions.

A: You do realize that actors are supposed to audition for you, right?

D: Oh, real– I mean, uh, quite. However, Miss Smarty-Pants A, they need to understand my range and brilliance, and to do that, they must hear me SING!

A: And just who were you hoping would hear this, um, magnificence?

D: Neil Patrick Harris

A: … Really?  I mean, yeah, he can sing, but he is American, you know.

D: A talented Thespian can channel an accent when necessary.

A: Even a Scottish accent? You heard my Irish accent, and I lived there.

D: … You may have a point. Excuse me while I ponder this.

A: Yeah, you do that,  D. In the meantime, head over to Green Embers Recommends for the second edition of the Not-So-Shocking News Dialogue, All about the Doctor edition.

A Not-So-Shocking Adventure

adventureswithD-final (1)D: Ever want to hear A’s actual voice?

Me neither, but apparently, Green thought otherwise, and the two of them have ventured into Podcast Land to bring you The Not So Shocking News Dialogues at Green Embers’ Recommends.

Personally, I think A needs to hire a voice actor for me. I have a short list of those I think would be suitable.

A: Um, D . . .

D: Yes?

A: There is no way any of those men are a) interested b) remotely affordable in terms of “hiring” and c) I don’t think that one is alive.

D: Kill joy.

A: Indeed. Head on over to Green Embers’ Recommends, everyone, and enjoy the podcast. It’s 20 minutes of harmless nonsense, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. Plus, there’s links. And a raccoon with rocket launchers. It can’t get much better than that!

Adventure with us to the Heart of Darkness

adventureswithD-final (1)

D: You just like saying Heart of Darkness, don’ t you?

A: Yes. Because it’s awesome.

D: . . .

A: Ignore the scowling Druid in the corner and head over to Green Embers’ Recommends for our latest installment of Entertainment News! This week’s theme: Evil! It lurks. It lives–

D: It has eaten A’s brain.

A: Mmm… brains.

D: And you thought Halloween was over, folks. Enjoy our banter, and peruse Green’s site – there are some excellent reviews to be had over there!

Adventure with us!

I’m not much a reblogger. That’s why I have the tale-telling (Spooky Sagas is our latest edition) and a plethora of links in most of my posts.

Yet I’m an editor at the Community Storyboard, an associate editor at Green Embers Recommends, as well as a contributor at the Rome Construction Crew (a very bad contributor who just likes to talk about how cats killed the internet). I’ve always wanted a different way to share those posts and stories with you, and that’s where Green came in.

I saw Rarasuar’s ‘On the Road‘ graphic and said – yes! That’s how it’s done. So, I commissioned Green (yes, he takes commissions. Yes, he’s awesome. Click on that link; you won’t be sorry) to do a graphic of D and me setting sail for other lands/blogs to tell our tale.

And this is what he came up with:

adventureswithD-final (1)

Isn’t it spectacular?

This was my first email this morning and on top of finally (finally!) getting the first six chapters ‘right’ on Part 2 and making significant headway in the edits for the book, this made my day. And it wasn’t even 9 am! Add to that a Halloween get-together (I am going to rock the Bellatrix Lestrange costume, thank you!) and my day is looking pretty darned fabulous.

Thank you, Green!

You know who else takes commissions? Dean at Deanz Doodlez. He’s also awesome. Check him out! 

Let Us Entertain You

Catch up with D and me over at Green Embers Recommends! Our first Entertainment News post is now live!! Thank you, Green!

Please give a warm Hobbit welcome!

A: Hey, looky here – D and I are going to be doing Entertainment News at Green Embers Recommends! Thank you for the warm welcome, Green! We can’t wait to get started!

D: He called me a scalawag.

A: Is that a problem, D?

D: Nope, not at all. Quite apt, I think!

A: Plus… Hobbits!! 🙂

D: Oh for the love of the gods, don’t encourage her!

A: Too late, D. Too, too late!