Fool me once . . .

There once was a Druid named Dubh Súile

As my muse, he is sometimes cruel.

He was once a blonde

But of that he’s not fond –

At least I did not dress him in tulle.

* * *

D: Seriously, A?

A: April Fools?

D: You are impossible.

A: Yes. Yes, I am. Cheers, D!

April Fools Roundup

A: Our very favorite Dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat, finally has a name for the Bayou Bonhomme Serial! And you know what? Click over to Helena’s site anyway, because her book, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Volume One is now available to buy! Woo hoo!

D: And in slightly more sedate news, Interesting Literature has a True-or-False April Fool’s Literary Quiz.

dejagoogleA: Google is famous for it’s April Fools jokes, and though I saw this yesterday, the Shelfie (among others) was pretty bizarre. But this one was weirder – only because I’m not sure it was a joke: Deja Google. Real or not, I was amused.

D: Why’s that?

A: Apparently, Google-a-Day is powered by a wormhole.

D: Nice, Google.

A: Indeed. And last, but certainly not least, Leonard Nimoy has recorded the end-credit song for the third Hobbit movie, There and Back Again.  Just in case you don’t want to click over, here is the video:

D: That was a joke, right?

A: Yeah – that’s why it’s called the April Fool’s Roundup and not the Oh-So-Serious News at 11.

D: A simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed.

A: Perhaps. Of course, this video was not a joke – someone put it together back in 2012. And the single is available on iTunes.

D : I could have done without “Scroto Baggins”

A: I don’t know what you’re talking about, D. I thought that was awesome.

D: You would.

A: So did The Boy.

D: I can see you’ve been a bad influence on the child.

A: Okay, okay- how about a music video incorporating the original song and the original animated Hobbit movie?

D: Only marginally better.

A: Oh, come on, you have to admit – it’s catchy.

D: (Humming absently) Bilbo-Bilbo!

A: Ha! I knew it!

D: Uh-oh, I mean – um–

A: No way you’re getting out of this one, D.

D: Oh, yes there is – April Fools!

A: (Eye roll) Nice try, Druid.

D: And with that, we will bid you all a fond farewell – before A decides to add any more ridiculousness to the menagerie she has collected here.

A: Goodnight, everyone!

Seven Swans A-Swimming

On the seventh day of NaNo, my true muse gave to me

Seven shows a-sassing,

Six books a-writing,

Five Syllables!

Four pumpkin cakes

Three cough drops

Two cuddly cats

And a family that’s dear to me.


D: Seven shows a-sassing?

A: Do you have something better?

D: Seven Dwarves a-singing?

A: It’s 13 dwarves, D.

D: I did not mean those dwarves, A.

A: So that means you didn’t intend for me to showcase the Desolation of Smaug end credits song here?

D: No.

A: Too late!

D: You have no shame. So tell me about this show that was “a-sassing.” Can a show really sass?

A: You sass, why can’t a show sass?

D: I think you just like the word.

A: Perhaps – it is, after all, you with an “s” added to the front.

D: Me with an “s” added… are you calling me Superman?

A: Seriously?

D: (Grin)

A: (Eye roll) I just spent the last three hours of my life couch-bound and near-voiceless, wheezing and laughing along with Spaced. Totally wacked-out, totally awkward, and totally hilarious.

D: And totally sassy?

A: Now you’re just mocking me.

D: . . . yes. And doing quite well, might I add.

A: Quite. I didn’t look it up, but I’m fairly certain there’s a horror story incorporated into each episode. What can I say? I thought the show was pretty spectacular.

D: Oh well that is simply fascinating (yawn). So I’ll just wander on off –

D: Oh my gods, what was that?!

A: Hm. Sorry. Dragon.

D: . . . . ?

A: I can’t talk well, but he certainly can.

D: Indeed – he launches it pretty well too. I think he singed my cloak.

A: Indeed! (Grin) ‘Night, D.

D: Do I need to be concerned about the Dragon, A?

A: I don’t know what you’re talking about, D – now if you’ll excuse me?

D: No, I don’t think we’re done discussing the Dragon, A. A? A, come back here! Bloody woman!

This is the seventh in a series on my own brand of NaNoWriMo – or rather, my Non-NaNo. Gotta love those dragons! And that sassy show. Stay tuned for what tomorrow will bring in our 30 days of NaNo.

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Talented Taliesin Tells Tall Tales

By Green Embers

By Green Embers

I’m baaaack – admit it, you missed the troubadour extraordinaire, the bardest with the mostest, the Druid who is fluid (with words)–

D: What are you doing, A?

A: Oh, Hi D. Um, I’m impersonating you?

D: Go to bed, woman, and leave the tale telling to the pros.

A: So you know how you have yet to take corporeal form outside of my head? If I go to bed–

D: You know what I meant.

A: All right, all right – take it away, Taliesin.

D: Taliesin was Welsh.

Rome Construction Crew

Allow me to start with a round of felicitations to Green Embers, proprietor of the Rome Construction Crew. It may be the place that A goes to hide from me, but it is my belief that she comes back stronger and better able to face the magnificence that is yours truly. Don’t look at me like that; I can be benevolent.

Without further ado, here is what you’ve been missing over at the Rome Construction Crew. For encouragement, goal-setting and general fun, there is no place better.

Literary Syndicate

Papi-Z has style, pizzazz and more than a little desire to help promote artists, writers, poets and all sorts of creative people. Check out the Literary Syndicate, in particular his interview with Red Clay and Roses author, SK Nicholls, and his own version of tale-telling, the Syndicate Shout-outs.


Are you at a loss for words? Do you find your mind drawing a blank and need just that edge to help it move again? Me neither, but A insists that prompts are just the thing. As such, here are two prompts to whet your whistle, light your fire and help you spin that tale.

At the community storyboard, they’re talking about angst and longing. In poetic form. Go on, read them all and just in case, bring your tissues, and perhaps something to thrash in your frustration. And if you’ve a mind to, submit your own poem.

The Prompt for the Promptless this week, at The Queen Creative, is lapsus linguae. We’ve all had a slip of the tongue (Keep it clean, D. Erotica week was two weeks ago. . . A, seriously. Tee hee) and this is your opportunity to share it with the world.

A: Could a post on lapsus linguae itself be a slip of the tongue?

D: Do you honestly think these things at this hour?

A: Yes.

D: I knew there was a reason I was in your head. How about impossible things before breakfast?

A: At least 10. But you’re getting off topic. Move on, D.


It seems fitting that the Bayou Bonhomme Serial is continuing into October. Enjoy every deliciously creepy bit of it  over at Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante, especially the latest installment, The Truth Will Out.

The OneRing.Net challenges you – if you like this sort of fan-fiction thing – to re-write Tolkien as Poe. It’s potentially terrifying (in many ways) and equally fitting for October.

Are you not entertained?

When is a cliché a trope, a standard, a time-honored tradition? Charles Yallowitz looks for answers to that question at the Legends of Windemere: One Man’s Cliché is Another Man’s Entertainment.

Speaking of words and entertainment, WordCloud Wednesday is one of A’s favorite things. Check out this week’s offering at wePoets Show It. 

Honorable Mentions

A: Because apparently a week cannot go by without me mentioning The Hobbit, cast your hearts, minds and soul on the latest trailer for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. TC has already declared that sushi and The Hobbit will be acceptable for his birthday celebrations. I can’t think of a better way to turn 13 than with dragons.

Because Smaug is awesome.

D:  What she means is that the voice distorter on Mr. Cumberbatch is awesome, but you know, that’s just me.

A: Jealous.

D: Jealous?! Me? Of a dragon. Voiced by a man. Voiced by a tall, gangly English man.

A: Yeah. Of a dragon.  Of Sherlock. Of Kha-freakin-an. Jealous.

D: And with that, we will end our tale-telling. I hope you visit our dear friends and enjoy what you see. But most importantly, you have my deepest regards for visiting with us here at the D/A Dialogues.

Majestically Muddling

A: This is Majestic.

D: And the muddled?

A: Me, every day?

D: And you decided that it was worthy of a blog post.

A: Well, I could regale the good people with the details of my horrifically cold rummage sale over the weekend.

D: Please don’t.

A: Exactly my point. Lacking anything better, I thought I’d share some very funny DeviantArt cartoons I found, courtesy the OneRing.Net.

D: I’m sensing a theme with you.

A: Whatever do you mean?

D: You know what I mean. You have this sheepish grin on your face and you keep giggling. How old are you, woman?

A: Apparently not old enough for you, which in my book, is an okay thing.

D: In your book? What book? Have you written a book?

A: Bite me.

D: Ah, the eloquence.

A: (Eye roll) Look, I am continually charmed and wowed by The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, never mind the white-fleshed orc, unexpected hugging and made-up elven lasses. So is the creator of The Oakentoons. Did I mention that they’re funny? Because they are. Ridiculously so. Go. Read now.

D: Wow, is she bossy today or what? Been eating your Wheaties, A?

A: Um, gluten intolerant, so no. Do eggs, sausage and a protein shake count towards bossiness?

D: Probably better than Wheaties . . . anyway, in case you didn’t decide to run off and look at all 66 Oakentoons, you might want to stop by the Community Storyboard for the Prompt of the Week, Autumn.

A: I love autumn and all (no, really I do – love love love, and I can’t wait to write for the prompt), but I think you should run off and look at all 66 Oakentoons. Autumn can wait. Then again, you may be waiting for something more witty, in which case, wander on down to Andra’s series on taking the plunge and embracing change. It’s well worth the read.

D: Also well worth a read: book blogger extraordinaire, Ionia Martin – she who showcases all others – has been showcased herself, by author Bianca Sloane.

So my fine friends, even if you didn’t read all 66 Oakentoons (but really, you should), what give you a real giggle and smile – not necessarily a belly laugh, but a charmed, can’t-help-but-grin giggle?

Running Amuck

Best mental image of my night @BrianaBvedsted: Character on the loose! Warning! Look out for a druid in a cowboy hat!

cowboy-hatD: I cannot believe you.

A: What?

D: How many of your brain cells died in the exchange?

A: Oh, lighten up, D. It’s funny!

D: . . .

A: I tell you what – how about we give you a fez instead of a cowboy hat?

D: Now you’re mocking me.

A: Yes, but only gently.

D: But you put it on Facebook and Twitter. And you dragged poor Briana into it! You are a danger to society, A!

A: You don’t even know what Twitter is.

D: I do so; a whole bunch of your pointless ridiculousness is right there along the side of the blog.

A: And . . . ?

D: You’d forgo an English Degree to watch Disney movies? Misty Mountains Cold? With Minions? Really A? That is hardly worthy—

A: You leave Misty Mountains out of it, D.

D: Oh, oh wait! I forgot. That’s your inspiration.

A: Oi, Druid!

D: Two can play at this game, A.fez

A: All right, all right. Behave yourself and I won’t tell people that the conversation devolved into you streaking through town with just a cowboy hat!

D: A!!!

A: Are you sure about not wanting the fez?

That was the most fun I’ve had on Twitter (or with D) ever. And I can’t thank Briana enough for indulging me!  Similar to the post I reblogged from 1WriteWay, the sheer variety of digital communications can be overwhelming. When I first signed on to Twitter, it was with a great deal of trepidation. I don’t think Dante would be too put out if I put it somewhere between the third and fourth Circle of Hell. However, it has grown on me – I’m slowly (really slowly – cold molasses move faster than me) learning how to converse in the Twitterverse. Likely, it will never be my go-to format, but I do notice that the interaction is just that – interaction. It’s almost like comments here on WordPress.

Do you Twitter/Tweeter/Sing like a bird? Which social media platform do you like the best for interaction?