Last Call at Casa de Hann-Basquiat

Hey you – yeah, you with the glasses – have you pre-ordered your copy of Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. One? And you madam, with the fluffy little dog – have you? And excuse me, sir – could you put the doughnut down? That’s a good man. Have you pre-ordered your copy of Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. One? Have you got on board the best train in town (or in this case Mexican cantina with only the most excellent tequila and salsa around –darn it Helena, now I’m hungry, too)?

No? What are you waiting for? Check out the successful Kickstarter campaign for your last chance to get your hands on a personalized copy – or any of the other spectacular goodies you get for backing the campaign! As if that weren’t enough, there is fun to be had with Helena’s words. With characters like the Accidental Plagiarist and Cumberbund Bandersnach, could you possibly go wrong?

No. The answer is no.

Now go!

We the People do Declare

The one, the only Helena Hann-Basquiat, everyone's favorite dilettante

The one, the only Helena Hann-Basquiat, everyone’s favorite dilettante

Have you ever met someone who made you nod your head and say, yes? Or, who phrased the jumble of letters and words that form our language in such a way that you could not help but grin and smile?

Helena Hann-Basquiat, everyone’s favorite dilettante, made me nod, grin and laugh from the moment I met her. Remarkably, she met my nerdy persistence with enthusiasm. Though she may be right in that I simply decided we were going to be friends, what made me stick around her site was the way she made words come to life.

Since meeting her, her words have made me smile. They have made me cringe with trepidation, and flip electronic pages as fast as my mouse could click them in anticipation. Her words have frightened me, and they have made me cry.

And these are just the fictions she’s written since I’ve been a regular reader. When she turns her attention to the world around her, her words often leave me breathless – amused, heartbroken and breathless.

You want these words for yourself. Believe me, you do. You want to preorder her book, Memoirs of a Dilettante, Vol. One at Kickstarter.  Hers is a reachable goal, and dropping $5 to get the Memoirs e-pub AND two fantastic scary stories, will bring her that much closer.

Of course, if you are anything like me, and want a copy you can hold in your hands – or, better yet, have the scribbling of a Dilettante personalize that copy for you – then preordering through her Kickstarter campaign is the only way to do that.

Click here

kickstarter-copyJust do it. Support an indie author and click that link. Read what her Kickstarter has to say. You won’t regret it. Ever since I clicked that link on her Gravatar, I have not.

With a few strokes of a pen (or clacks of the keyboard), she paints characters so lifelike, so fragilely human, and so familiar, it’s easy to see yourself in them. I want them to succeed (or fail, as the case may be), and, as my ultimate test for a character, I want them to stick around my head so we can have a chat, maybe a drink or two.

Through her words, I see her world. She and Penny are as familiar to me as people I’ve known my entire life, because that’s how Helena invites you into her world. Some of the things you’ll witness there are raw. Some of them are painfully but beautifully honest and still others are downright silly and fantastic. And all of it will keep you captivated. Every last second. You’ll devour her words and in turn, they will devour you, spit you out and leave you satisfied they did.

As a final note, today on Twitter I recommended her to a new follower. I told him that Helena was an excellent, hilarious and terrifying writer. What did I mean by that? Why is Helena terrifying?

Memoirs of a Dilettante, The E-Book

Memoirs of a Dilettante, The E-Book

She creates people. She gives them flesh, and then, in some of her scarier work, as Jessica B. Bell, she rips that flesh from them and leaves them as ghosts to linger in our minds. Some are mournful deaths, some are justified but always the ghosts of her words remain. And this isn’t me being maudlin and Irish, folks, this is simply the truth as I see it. Helena’s work will haunt you in the best possible way.

Support her Kickstarter. Preorder the e-pub, the personalize package, the hard-copy – whatever you choose, you will help this dilettante, this indie author, get these beautiful , haunting, fabulous stories the attention they deserve.

PS: If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you, she has excellent – and I mean excellent – taste in music. Go on, click the Kickstarter link. You know you want to!

In other News

Quickly, head over to Marie Ann Bailey, blogger at 1WriteWay and a dear friend, and read her touching tribute to her beautiful tortie-tabby, Luisa. While you’re there, stick around. Marie is a wonderful person and a great writer.

Also, Charles E. Yallowitz, author of the Legends of Windemere Series is having a Twubs chat on Saturday, March 16 from 8-10, Eastern Standard Time. Head over to his site for more information, but just in case  you can’t, Just follow these instructions to join in the fun:

      1. Go to Twubs Chat.
      2. Log In through Twitter or Sign Up with Twubs Chat.
      3. Search for the #windemerespeaks hashtag.
      4. Join in the conversation.

The People’s Republic of Helena needs YOU!

helena needs youA: D. D! Wake up, D!

D: Wha-what is it, woman?!

A: We have a job to do.

D: Don’t you always have a job to do? Isn’t that what you claim keeps you in coffee and bandwith?

A: Yes, but this is an even more important job.

D: Oh, pray tell . . .

A: Helena Hann-Basquiat, my very favorite Dilettante (and one of my favorite people, it must be said), needs our help. The gentleman in charge of her Kickstarter campaign had a disaster of swamp-like proportions drive his family out of  house and home. She needs us – and bloggers like us – to spread the word, keep momentum going, and generally save the day so Mr. Squires can focus his energies where they are needed most.

D: So, in other words . . .

A: Aunt Helena Needs YOU.

D: . . . You are very strange.

kickstarter-copyA: I am. But that is beside the point – Helena’s Kickstarter needs you – me – everyone. Whether you’re new to Kickstarter or an old hand, Helena’s project is perfect to back – the book is already written and edited, but by supporting her, you give her the opportunity to get her work in front of people who need to see it. Plus, there are some great prizes to be had!

D: So check out the Kickstarter page, and Helena’s blog, and the work she’s published as Jessica B. Bell, but most importantly, sign up to become part of the People’s Republic of Helena–

A: Because believe me, with Helena at the helm, good times are going to be had by all!

In other News

A: So, elsewhere on the blogosphere. . .

D: You mean I can’t go back to sleep?

A: No – see, when I’m at that ‘job’ thing, which does keep me in coffee and bandwith, then you get to sleep, but when I’m home, I’m somewhat in need of my muse, ergo. . .

D: Ha ha! You just admitted I’m your muse!

A: Seriously, how old are you?

D: 1,345 years old, last August 6 or 19, depending on which calendar one uses.

A: . . .

D: You asked. So, let’s keep this snappy, what else is going on?

A: Right, so – Andra Watkins, she of the Accidental Cootchie Mama fame, has released her book, the oh-so-intriguing, I can’t wait to order it on Thursday, To Live Forever: The Afterlife Journey of Merriweather LewisAnd to promote the launch, she’s walking the Natchez Trace and conducting this incredibly creative contest.

D: Fascinating! Although, can you not attempt to walk in your characters’ footsteps when it comes time to release our book? I think you might drown.

A: Nice, D. . .

D: Just looking out for my author! Speaking of authors (and a prolific one, too) Charles at Legends of Windemere is looking for volunteers for the fourth Windemere book, Family of the Tri-Rune for a blog tour and cover reveal.

A: And finally, because there is no such thing as too much cute, head over to Green Embers and give a big hi to Green, and his new puppy, Nina!

D: That is not a war hound.

A: Not every dog needs to be a war hound, D. Besides, I think Nina looks like she could take care of herself.

D: Perhaps. . . I shall reserve judgement.

A: (Eye roll) How big of you, D. And with that, I bid you all good night – thank you for reading!


The People’s Republic of Helena – A Kickstarter Manifesto

Because Helena is awesome, and getting her writing the backing it needs – not to mention deserves – is an idea/cause/movement I – and the curmudgeonly Druid – wholeheartedly support.

Dark moon rising 6.6.13

D: A I don’t feel very good about this.

A: Superstitious? You?

D: Um, A – I traveled through time; discovered that the Tuatha Dé Danann were real, lived actual myths and created a few of my own. You have to ask?

A: I know, but it really isn’t anything – it’s not a full 666 and I don’t think 13 is unlucky. It has a 3! We like 3s.

D: And the dark face of the moon this week? That means nothing to you?

A: I like new moons. It’s a good time to shed your skin.

D: You defy reason, A. That is a whole lot of little things piling up into one great big thing. And you have a black cat.

A: Isis is about as threatening as a teddy bear, unless you don’t feed her. Then she’s likely to gnaw your face off in the night.

D: Did you feed her?

A: Um…

D: Ohmygodsweareallgoingtodie!

A: Hahahahahahahaha!

D: That is not funny, A.

A: Oh, yes it is, D.

A’s telling the tale today, Baby!

While D hides in the corner (I resent that!), I’m taking over the tale-telling. Don’t tell D, but I just made all that up. It was fun, too!

Here is some numerology on today for you, courtesy Matrix/Astrologyland; I think it’s’ lovely:

Today is a “9”.  A day to see the larger picture, think deeply and freely. Play in the realms of philosophy and spirit. It’s also a good day for travel and learning. It is a good day to enjoy poetry, music and the arts. Be tolerant of others.

D: You are a dirty, rotten liar, A. I’ll get you for this. (And my little dog too? You’re mocking me. Yup.) Congratulations are in order! A Room of His Own, A True Story of One Cat, on The Community Storyboard, has been Freshly Pressed. This is wonderful news. The story is touching and a beautiful example of the lengths we will go for our animals.

A: It’s Thursday! That means another installment of Harry Steinman’s Marketing/Self-Publishing Series at Readful Things Blog. Today, he discusses Kickstarter.

“If you want to protect them, protect what is left of that timeline. Make sure they are safe; hide them if you must. He will take action, and there are still some who will support him.”

She was giving him leave to go, but Dubh hesitated. He stood before the door and gazed back at her. Underneath her warnings, she was talking about revolution. Nuada was king, emperor, god of Tir na nOg, and there had been peace for a thousand years. There were rules governing the travelers, rules that had once been just. However, if what Niamh was saying was true, then perhaps it was time. If Nuada had sent Sean and Maureen to 1916 . . . well, then it was time.